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  1. pjdude

    Anyone prefer .009's ?

    I play 9's on everything - and I tune a half step down. No agg.
  2. pjdude

    What is your favorite amp?

    Mesa Boogie Mark V 90 watt head.
  3. pjdude

    Are Narrowfield pickups bad? Same question with rotary switches.

    I have no real world experience with narrowfields, but I have two guitars with the rotary, and I love it!
  4. pjdude

    Do you love or hate the beach?

    I love the beach! Taking a 2 week cruise in March.
  5. pjdude

    Your pick preference

    Dunlop Tortex teardrop 1.14. I play better with those than anything else. I can't play with triangle-shaped picks - at all.
  6. pjdude

    What is your next PRS and why?

    Probably nothing. I can't really afford the guitars I look at much anymore, plus I don't see myself doing many full-band gigs down the road. Concentrating on my future - acoustic.
  7. pjdude

    It would be cool if PRS made...

    After all the hoopla about the Silver Sky, I'd like to see Paul try his hand at a Tele.
  8. pjdude

    Another Original From Hillbilly Jedi

    Wish we could. Unfortunately, the funds for that got hijacked. Maybe this summer.
  9. pjdude

    Another Original From Hillbilly Jedi

    Sounds awesome Mark!!
  10. pjdude


    Somebody finally had the ballz to do it!! Nicely done!!
  11. pjdude

    What "beater" do you pick up?

    I learn most songs on my Telecaster.
  12. pjdude

    Late 1980s limited top options

    I had a cedar-top Custom from 1989. Standard trem bridge, but routed out underneath to facilitate pulling up on the bar.
  13. pjdude

    Hugely disappointed

    Just no.
  14. pjdude

    The PRS Fiore

    Another opportunity to just say no.
  15. pjdude

    Visiting Daughter

    It used to be - years ago - riding in the rain wasn't so bad. Now, hell no!!
  16. pjdude

    NGD: McRosie - my first rosewood neck guitar!

    Congrats!! Play the hell out of her!!
  17. pjdude

    What’s your Holy Grail hit rate?

    I own 12 guitars. I play about 5-6 of them most of the time, but there are two I will not sell until I'm ready to totally drop out. I can foresee a sell-off f the ones I really don't play anymore. Might get a few bucks.
  18. pjdude

    RIP Craig Huffman

    So sad. RIP Craig.
  19. pjdude

    Refretting your PRS

    I've had 3 PRSs refretted. Play the hell out of em!