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  1. Johnny Rigs

    what was the first Rock POWER Ballad?

    Of course Cambridge has published a journal essay on the topic. And of course it’ll cost you $25 to know the answer.
  2. Johnny Rigs

    MT15 lead/clean switch with Morningstar MC6

    Yeah I was just reading that Line 6 doesn't isolate the ground on the switching system. So it can create a ground loop and induce hum when connecting to another amp.
  3. Johnny Rigs

    MT15 lead/clean switch with Morningstar MC6

    You'll see in this video that the FS1M is just your basic latching footswitch. I don't know why the manual says not to use others.
  4. Johnny Rigs

    What Are Your Favorite Amps To Play?

    I'm still looking for my hands-down favorite clean sound from an amp. I like my Electra-Dyne with a Blue Note in front to brighten it up, but I'd love to get the tone I want without a pedal - for cleans anyway. Curious to try a Badlander. Or a Matchless :rolleyes: Mesa Dual Rectifier - I have...
  5. Johnny Rigs

    It’s not a canoe paddle!

    This is why some ingenious YouTubers are making guitar bodies out of concrete, and necks out of aluminum. A) can live in a trunk just fine B) great for rear wheel traction in winter
  6. Johnny Rigs

    Chime machine?

    See my post 2 spots above yours.
  7. Johnny Rigs

    One Guitar vs 53 Amps (MT15 & Archon 50 included)

    Jon has done similar videos before. Really like his playing. I agree that listening to 50 different high gain examples is a bit fatiguing in one go. I can’t do it myself, and I like high gain tones. But I don’t think of these videos as really having that as the main purpose, actually. More like...
  8. Johnny Rigs

    Chime machine?

    I forgot to reply to this. For me, ‘chime’ is a sharper attack, bright, but with some grit and harmonics in those upper midrange and treble frequencies. I think it combines well with a ‘plunky’ guitar tone, but there are probably a number of guitar setups that can get you that. I keep coming...
  9. Johnny Rigs

    I'm so stupid that I...

    My body was fine, car was fixed, ego was totaled.
  10. Johnny Rigs

    Change pickup rings?

    Another vote for black. I may have a chance later today to do a quick mockup for you.
  11. Johnny Rigs

    I'm so stupid that I...

    My first time playing on a stage in front of an audience when I was younger, we only had two songs. I was rhythm guitar and vocal. The other guys were so nervous too, they never stopped to tell me they couldn’t hear my singing. I hadn’t turned off the mics mute switch. I discovered this after we...
  12. Johnny Rigs

    I Have The Best Tone In The Universe.

    The question remains: is there still room for improvement?
  13. Johnny Rigs

    What's your favorite PRS to play.

    594 Goldtop
  14. Johnny Rigs

    DST, Yes or No

    If it’s good enough for Iceland, it’s good enough for me.
  15. Johnny Rigs

    Name 5 Guitarists you’d love to see convert to PRS

    Haha, that’s a good question! I think it’d be similar, but for different reasons. With Mayer, most of the commotion was about PRS “making a Strat”, since he was already a PRS player. The SC594 is pretty well established, though, even sig models like the Joe Walsh Ltd. But Bonamassa has...
  16. Johnny Rigs

    Pedals or no Pedals

    As a spice, not a main ingredient.
  17. Johnny Rigs

    Name 5 Guitarists you’d love to see convert to PRS

    Joe Bonamassa - Just to see the guitar corner of the internet explode. Plini - Great player and I really like his music, but I’ll be able to take him more seriously when he drops the headless guitar for a PRS. Ian Thornley - I basically just want to see my favorite guitarists use a PRS at...
  18. Johnny Rigs

    Chime machine?

    I’d be replacing the neck pickup to get hum cancellation. Single coils can get pretty noisy at my location unfortunately.
  19. Johnny Rigs

    Chime machine?

    So I think the ticket will require 2 or 3 pieces. 1) Vela Satin Semi-Hollow, 2) Firebird bass pickup and some complimentary treble pickup, 3) a Vox tone out of the Synergy preamp system I use, or a UA Ruby.
  20. Johnny Rigs

    Chime machine?

    I feel the same way about my Johnny Hiland which has a 53/10 set in it.