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    Private Stock Friday

    this week's winners:
  2. horax

    New PRS SE 594 models

    these will sell like hotcakes. PRS prices are skyrocketing (as are all guitars), but these will be interesting to compare to the S2 and core line.
  3. horax

    WOW! NGD! PRS McCarty 594 in new, invisible burst!!! Never seen this before!

    Can't believe I got my hands on this. Been searching forever for this amid several rumors, but never did see one anywhere! Photos below!
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    Private Stock Friday

    this weeks winners:
  5. horax

    What is this guitar?

    looks like a DGT
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    Private Stock Friday

    only two winners this week:
  7. horax

    ibanez prestige

    Anybody play any of hte Ibanez Prestige series guitars from Japan? How would you rate and compare them to PRS? Where I live you can't find anything to try so you have to rely on reviews on youtube demos.
  8. horax

    If you could change one thing about a PRS you own, what would it be?

    My CE 24. Wish it had full carve, recessed knobs, and didn’t drop out of tune so easily.
  9. horax

    Would you consider a ce24 a super strat?

    Pretty obvious title. Would you?
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    Private Stock Friday

    This week's winners:
  11. horax

    I’m torn

    is the quality of hte s2 594 on par wiht the core?
  12. horax

    Change pickup rings?

    I do really love that newer look. Now I need to find a set of rings and switch tip that will work.
  13. horax

    Change pickup rings?

    I like the cream as they match the birds, but would black look better? Also, if anybody is good at photoshop, could somebody do a mock up?
  14. horax

    I’m torn

    I have An amazing fender custom shop 63 strat nos in red heavy sparkle. I currently have a ce 24 that’s amazing. im considering selling the custom shop strat to pick up another prs. I’d like a McCarty 594 or maybe a custom core. I just don’t know if it’s worth it or if the prs will be too...
  15. horax

    I got bored and decided my CE22 could use a facelift

    That’s amazing work! id like to see or read how you did it.
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    Private Stock Friday

    today's winners!
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    Private Stock Friday

    winners over the last two weeks:
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    Private Stock Friday

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    Private Stock Friday

    this week's winners.... AND WHAT IS THIS WIZARDY?
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    New Product Announcement? Any Speculations?

    The return of Opeth signature guitars