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  1. John F

    Hi everyone

  2. John F

    New guy, hello!

  3. John F

    2nd PRS recommendation

    Paul’s Guitar. Different from my Silver Sky, McCarty 594, and Custom 24. Thicker neck than the Custom 24, but thinner than the 594.
  4. John F

    PRS Gen 3 tremolo with locking saddles

    I notice that my correctly intonated 1E string is slid fully towards the neck until it hits the bridge pivot screw. I also notice the saddle then fully blocks the hole in the bridge below the saddle. I am of the opinion it is pinching/sissoring the string there. I backed off the saddle enough...
  5. John F

    Maybe a new PRS Tele style guitar soon?

    I would love to try one.
  6. John F

    PRS Gen 3 tremolo with locking saddles

    I like this theory, probably more truth to the reason for the lock rather than it being a take on a Floyd Rose system. Bravo Les! :D
  7. John F

    PRS Gen 3 tremolo with locking saddles

    The 2016 Paul’s guitar in my avatar has Gen III locking saddles and I severed a 1E string off by over-tightening it on first string change. The ball end fell out of the block but the string was intact and playable. I replaced the string and gently tightened until it was secure before I tuned...
  8. John F

    Do most People float their silver sky trems

    I didn’t float either of mine.
  9. John F

    What (guitar related) did Santa bring?

    Santa brought a Wind Through the Trees, a Mary Cries, a Horsemeat, a Gig Rig G3 and a 2023 PRS Calendar. Santa rocks!
  10. John F

    Noticed an issue at rehearsal last night.

    Put a drop of finger nail polish on the threads near the point of contact, or on the perimiter of the screw head to lock it in place. It chips off and breaks loose when the screw is turned if you need to change the setting. This is an old tech tip used in electronics work to lock down...
  11. John F

    Paul Interview

  12. John F

    I Am A Patient Man, But...

    I ordered one of each PRS pedal on first day of release from SW, HorseMeat hasn’t arrived yet. I was told December, well I’m waitng…
  13. John F

    My HXDA and DG30 Do Enough Stuff. Why Do I Have My Mesa Amps?

    Les, One who eats their favorite food at every meal for the rest of their life will eventually find it unappealing. They will forget why it was their favorite. Life is best with variety and contrast. You may not like the Mesa as much as the HXDA & DG30, but you benefit from the sound...
  14. John F

    New Video with Paul

    Excellent video, loved it. Thanks for posting it.
  15. John F

    The Missing Link - What do you need to make your collection complete?

    I’ll take a Hollowbody II Piezo, a DGT, a Modern Eagle V. At least one has to have a flame maple neck. I’ll also take a reclaimed Vela.
  16. John F

    PRS Explains Pickup Design - I was right!

    Using the TCI techniques to copy holy grail pickups is a logical first step. I would guess that after those are perfected, they would move on to improve pickup designs of their own. There may be a future where TCI versions of dragons are available.
  17. John F

    Who has the oldest Private Stock?

    Ummmm… I’m guessing that PRSh does…
  18. John F

    Conservation of Energy.

    I’m same way Les. With age comes wisdom.
  19. John F

    TCI pickups don't exist ...... say what ??

    Capacitors, inductors and resistors are used to make filters for AC signals. These filters are known as hi pass, low pass, notch and band pass. Each slider or knob on a graphic equalizer is controlling the amplitude of a slim band pass filter. This gives you the operator the ability to make the...