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  1. Michael B

    Private Stock Friday

    That quilt is insane!!!!!!
  2. Michael B

    MT 15

    Wonder if the MT15 will be for sale at the Experience??
  3. Michael B

    Guitar building with Paul

    That is awesome! Wouldn't mind being there!
  4. Michael B

    2016 PRS Experience!!!!

  5. Michael B

    Hearing there was a partial roof collapse at PRS???

    Saw a news thing about this. Saying there was a partial roof collapse at factory, looks like the finish area, hope its not true and if it is I hope everyone is ok....yikes
  6. Michael B

    Hey You - Shut Up! The New CE ROCKS!

    That's sweet man!! Thank you for the review! Rock that baby!!
  7. Michael B


    Sweet Man!! It really sounds like the 100? This is interesting!
  8. Michael B

    Star Wars...

    Saw the new Star Wars last night, Phenomenal!! Saw it in theaters in 77 as a kid and this reminded me of that! This new one is my new favorite of the seven. See it in IMAX 3D, its pretty sick!!
  9. Michael B

    NGD Singlecut trem

  10. Michael B

    NAD: Archon

    Sweet man!!! Love mine as well!!!!
  11. Michael B

    Tremonti Signature Amp?

    I was at the Hartford show too!! They killed it!
  12. Michael B

    VH 2015

    I was at that show in Bethel....they rocked!!!!
  13. Michael B

    New (to me) Truck Day

    Awesome!!! Best truck on the planet!!! Love my 2010 F150 can only imagine what that's like!
  14. Michael B

    The most expensive SE tremonti to you will see

    Did it last year, it was very cool and Mark is awesome!
  15. Michael B

    Was bored so...

    Wow man! Great pics and an amazing collection!
  16. Michael B

    NGD - Stripped 58 Goldtop

    Awesome man! Great looking singlecuts!!!
  17. Michael B

    2001 McCarty Bird inlay chipping advice

    Pretty sure its just glue around the birds.....maybe someone put some chemical that is bad for glue and inlays on fretboard for a few years :( They sand the necks with inlays so seems like they are very tough
  18. Michael B

    Was My SE Custom 24 a Lemon or Should I Give Them Another Shot?

    I would definitely try another one!