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  1. Seneca SS

    What do you guys think of putting Burstbuckers into an SE custom 24?

    Had a Les Paul Custom Axcess with them--NOT A FAN as they just didn't have a great tone IMO--
  2. Seneca SS

    What riff do you get stuck in your head?

    my all time favorite
  3. Seneca SS

    Pure Nickels are the bee's knees!

    I have used these for years---only strings I use--Strat and PRSi
  4. Seneca SS

    SE vs Non

    congrats--pictures when it arrives !!!!
  5. Seneca SS

    When/How did you first discover PRS guitars?

    My grandson bought a used Custom 22 and I played it and liked it a lot so here I am !!!
  6. Seneca SS

    Incoming: I'M (wal)NUTS ABOUT THIS TOP!

    So I am already to DROOOOL all over and I get to the party late and the pictures have been HIJACKED !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Whats up with that 11
  7. Seneca SS

    Here is my rant on Prs

    There is always more GAS Coming !!!!!
  8. Seneca SS

    Happy Birthday Eric at Willcutt's

    Happy B-Day Eric--great guy to deal with--bought several guitars from him !!!!!
  9. Seneca SS

    What's the greatest guitar solo ever?

    my favorite--HOTEL California !!!!!!
  10. Seneca SS

    Who's going to PRS day at Watkins Glen?

    Been to Nascar races at the Glen--not a great place to watch the races--very limited
  11. Seneca SS

    Show me your moon :)

    Moon over the Big Horn Mountains in Wyoming
  12. Seneca SS

    Who's going to PRS day at Watkins Glen?

    we are moving from Wyoming to Dundee,10 miles from Watkins---I would go if we were already there !!! What was the date and time ? my grandson is a BIG PRS / Davey fan and he might want to go--he just moved back to Rochester from Wyoming !!
  13. Seneca SS

    What song would you have played at your funeral/service?

    Garth Brooks--THE DANCE !!!!!!!!!
  14. Seneca SS

    Greetings from Wyoming, just bought my first PRS

    PRS GAS is a GOOD THING !!!!!!
  15. Seneca SS

    Greetings from Wyoming, just bought my first PRS

    Congrats and welcome from another Wyomingite
  16. Seneca SS

    Thoughts and Prayers for one of ours

    thoughts and prayers to the whole family !!!!!
  17. Seneca SS

    What's Your Opinion on Relic-ing Guitars?

    not my thing but if you like them go for it--cant see spending premium money for a beat up guitar--I like mine pristine!!!
  18. Seneca SS

    What do you drive?

    I averaged 25.5 on my 426 Hp Camaro on a 5500 mile road trip to North Carolina and back---LOVE IT and it does 21 average driving !!
  19. Seneca SS

    What do you drive?

    2010 Camaro SS/RS 2009 Duramx