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  1. Johnny

    question about 85/15 and 58/15 pickups

    I thought they were different. I remember reading somewhere the 58/15s are more vintage and are only available on the more upper end core US models (like Vine McCarty, Vine CU24, etc) while the 85/15's are more modern and come in the CE, regular CU24.
  2. Johnny

    NGD: HBII Artist Custom Color, IRW Neck

    Wow is that color angry larry? Sweet grab!!
  3. Johnny

    A Couple of Nut Questions

    WF and WT both have the same width 1.6875" They are pre-slotted, but they will need to be refined for 9s or 10s.
  4. Johnny

    Shawn's 15 Year Employee Guitar, Start To Finish

    Congrats on the 15th Shawn! Love the videos!
  5. Johnny

    Resale value

  6. Johnny

    Traded my P245 for a Cu24.

    great addition to an already stacked collection!
  7. Johnny

    Custom backplates!

    Oh I love it!! The backplate matching the top looks great!!
  8. Johnny


    I keep pedal boxes in case one day I may want to sell them. Sure, there are some I'd never sell; but they don't take up much space.
  9. Johnny

    California Prop 65 WARNING ON MY NEW S2 Custom 24!!!!

    We're all gonna die. Might as well have some fun before then
  10. Johnny

    NGD!!! I don't need no stinking wood library

    Dang that is gorgeous! Looks like faded blue jeans not faded blue whale Either way congrats on the looker! I love the color
  11. Johnny

    PRS John Mayer Super Eagle II - Private Stock Limited Edition

    Amazing playing! I love danish pete. Anyone know how they make the fretboard so shiney like that? It looks glassy
  12. Johnny

    Contour burst or bust?

    I am not a fan of black backs myself.
  13. Johnny

    N5D: Singlecut Perfection!

    Holy mackeral that is hot!
  14. Johnny

    NGD!! PRS Custom 24!!

    Stunning top!! Dang!!
  15. Johnny

    Epic N5D: Private Stock SC 594 in "Cherry Tobacco Burst"!

    Wow!! Congrats pete!! You really know how to spec em
  16. Johnny

    PRS SE Semi Hollow Comparison: F Hole version vs Non-F Hole version

    Thanks both for the input! Very helpful
  17. Johnny

    PRS SE Semi Hollow Comparison: F Hole version vs Non-F Hole version

    I was wondering if someone could tell me what the tonal differences are between the PRS SE SH's. There seems to be two versions: one with the F holes vs the older ones with the cat eye holes. Asides from the pick ups, they seem to have the same specs?
  18. Johnny


    Love it!! Congrats!!
  19. Johnny

    Hello again (now with pics)

    Beautiful collection wow!!
  20. Johnny

    NPSGG!!!!! Co-Co Monster Santana!!!!

    OOOFFFFF Stunning and absolutely gorgeous