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  1. kipkohl

    SE 245 high e choking when playing open?

    The three things you might check are: the saddle(as you already noted), the nut, and the string itself. As it sounds as if the problem is still there with the capo, I'd guess the saddle or the string.
  2. kipkohl

    What Are Some Of Your Favorite Riffs? Let's Discuss!

    "I Think I'm Going Bald" - Rush from Caress of Steel.
  3. kipkohl

    saddle screws

    I have found shorter saddle screws for my Telecaster at my local Ace hardware. Take one of yours in with you and use the thread/sizing gizmo at the store to figure out what size/thread pitch you need.
  4. kipkohl

    PRS SE Paul's Guitar - Off sound High E and resonating Low E when plucking B String

    The high E string noise might be a saddle issue or the string itself might be bad. I wonder if the B string issue might be resonance through the neck and body causing the E string to oscillate. Does it change if you fret the B string?
  5. kipkohl

    Advice: PRS SE Paul's buzzing

    I had the same issue with an SE Paul's. Seemed to be location dependent; noticeable at my house, really bad at my neighbor's house, completely quiet at the tech's shop and at lessons ( same amp). So I chalked it up to "dirty power". Reply from PRS Support stated that a bit of hum or buzz was not...
  6. kipkohl

    Is this the best of Zach Myer’s runs?

    Love the "turbulence" in figuring between the pickups
  7. kipkohl

    OT: Figured wood fans: Claro walnut table

    WOW! Absolutely beautiful. I can't believe how well the book matching lines up.
  8. kipkohl

    Canoe recommendations?

    17' Old Town. Stable, plenty of room for passengers.
  9. kipkohl


    I often feel inconvenienced by the perceived lack of action on other's parts, but then I realize it might be my own inflated expectations driven by first world privilege that is the problem. Not always, but often.
  10. kipkohl

    The dreaded "back of the neck stickies!"

    LOL, I charge EXTRA for that service;)
  11. kipkohl

    The dreaded "back of the neck stickies!"

    I use very fine sandpaper on my SE's. It turns the finish kind of "hazy", but man the necks are so slick, and stay that way for quite awhile.
  12. kipkohl

    Installing DW Tomahawks Gen 2 into a 2019 Singlecut S2

    I might be wrong, but I would think the PRS color code doesn't matter since you are taking them out. Follow the Mojotone color code when installing.
  13. kipkohl

    Input Jack Repalcement

    Perhaps the screwdriver you're using is a little too big and doesn't get enough "bite" into the screw head.
  14. kipkohl

    Hollowbody SE vs CORE

    Oh please.....WTF does it matter?
  15. kipkohl


    Maybe it's the seemingly unstable and confusing state of affairs here in the US and worldwide influencing your dreams. Even if you're not consciously worried about it, it may be lurking deep in your subconscious.
  16. kipkohl

    SE's - Best Replacement Nut?

    I did the "drop test" with Tusq vs PRS USA and the Tusq rang out more than the USA. Now, whether that translates to real world tone results, I don't know. I do know the Tusq sounded better installed than the SE nut it replaced.
  17. kipkohl

    SE Custom 24 Spalted Maple Wiring Diagram

    I used an Oak Grigsby in an SE custom 24 and it fit. Take note of the spacing dimensions to be sure of the fit. Should be available wherever you buy from. There are other brands such as Switchcraft which make decent switches.
  18. kipkohl

    SE Custom 24 Spalted Maple Wiring Diagram

    When I did a similar re-wire I just googled "2 humbuckers, 1 tone, 1 volume, 3 way blade switch diagram" and was rewarded with many diagrams to choose from. Also, I'd replace the SE switch if you weren't already planning on it. I think I used an Oak Grigsby brand switch...much beefier than the...
  19. kipkohl

    The best concert experience you've ever had?

    Kiss on their Destroyer tour with warm up band AC/DC. My first concert ever.
  20. kipkohl

    PRS SE Pickup Screws

    You could take one of your pickups to a local hardware store and test fit. I've had good luck sourcing stuff like that at my local Ace hardware.