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  1. crgtr

    Underrated guitar players

    You are too kind Steve. Thank you
  2. crgtr

    Had the opportunity to do something pretty cool this past weekend.

    I was there Sunday and I did get to play the Koss and the Landfill V. Both were freakin amazing! Kris and his wife were awesome people. I personally preferred the neck on the V. Also liked the tone of it a little better. The Koss was amazing though. Great weekend!
  3. crgtr

    Private Stock Friday

    All of them are killer!
  4. crgtr

    We are NOT Customer Service

    I agree with Hans & Alan. I think we're all up for helping someone out, but when you start posting/bitching about things/problems BEFORE you try & get it resolved thru the correct channels, that's where you start to sound whiny.
  5. crgtr

    The Hansomatic Collection

    Spectacular collection Hans!
  6. crgtr

    All things must pass

    Good luck Shawn! You will be missed!
  7. crgtr

    PRS News - Queen Anne's County Office of the Sheriff

    Thanks for sharing Shawn. Glad to see folks helping out during tough times!
  8. crgtr

    Tim Pierce/Howard Leese: PRS vs Les Paul

    The LT's are by far my fave PRS pup. I love Tim's video's. Very entertaining and talented as hell!
  9. crgtr

    NGD....Looks do matter....not in the plan!

    Congrats! That's awesome looking!
  10. crgtr

    Swamp Ash SE...out of the park

    Those are very cool! And Simon ROCKS!
  11. crgtr

    Incoming NGD

    Very classy!
  12. crgtr

    McCarty 594 58/15LT Neck too dark?

    I'm mostly a single coil guy so I like my buckers low powered and my neck pup to be very clear. On my 594 I find the neck pup to be pretty awesome. I do use it tapped a lot & I think it sounds great. Full bucker is not too dark for me.
  13. crgtr

    Has anyone had a piezo added to a 594?

    I guess ya got me there!
  14. crgtr

    Has anyone had a piezo added to a 594?

    All good! Thanks again for the speedy response. Time to go shopping!
  15. crgtr

    Has anyone had a piezo added to a 594?

    Well, PTC/Shawn responded in about 15 seconds to my won't work. Oh well. Guess I'll just have to buy another geetar!!
  16. crgtr

    Has anyone had a piezo added to a 594?

    I need some acoustic tones and the PRS "P" gtrs sound great. I don't think I've seen a non-trem version on a PRS. I know there are some saddles out there, but has anyone ever seen a PTC converted 594?
  17. crgtr

    NGD: PS SC594

    Really killer Gtr !!
  18. crgtr

    The "Official Silver Sky" Thread

    It did not make it home with me. I do have my eye on a few out there in the wild. I've actually seen a pair of used ones......
  19. crgtr

    The "Official Silver Sky" Thread

    I like this one