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  1. archey

    Got banned from TGP, have no idea why...

    You're doing it all wrong.
  2. archey

    Etsy bought Reverb...

    It was just a joke. I don't really crochet straps...yet.
  3. archey

    Etsy bought Reverb...

    Now I can finally sell my crochet guitar straps and guitars all in one place.
  4. archey


    I'm always on the look out for rosewood antiques. It's somewhat of an obsession. Most furniture that utilized rosewood was veneer. So when you find something solid it's a real find. Here is my table from the 1850's that is solid brw.
  5. archey


    Sure. I have a broken foot, so it's hard for me to maneuver around. I'll grad them and take some pics after a bit.
  6. archey


    Electric guitar tops.
  7. archey


    I know this is a old thread, but it seemed like a good continuation. What would you do with this? It's 10 feet long. Solid old growth brw.
  8. archey

    All Things Being Equal...

    I'll take the '59 Les Paul. I could sell it and buy a prs, and a house, and a car.
  9. archey

    Stradivari guitar played

  10. archey

    Crazy wood, what’s the attraction?

    I remember seeing a picture of this before it left the factory. I'd have to say this is one of my all time favorite prs's I've ever seen. Just a super cool guitar!
  11. archey

    Anyone see this?

    Was Paul aware of this auction? Does he have much interest in keeping track of the pre factory guitars?
  12. archey

    nut job

    Easy fix though.
  13. archey

    With no PRS Experience this year, let’s meet here.

    Well crap. A day late and a dollar short. I live in Indiana and didn't see this thread until now. Maybe next time.
  14. archey

    Anyone see this?

    How many frets does that Metal have? I guess I never noticed looking at the catalog picture of it.
  15. archey

    Anyone see this?

    They have a Leese that's killer too. There's a few nice pieces in that auction.
  16. archey

    Anyone see this?
  17. archey

    Anyone see this?

    1984 Metal on Heritage auctions. I can't seem to be able to put the link here for some reason. It's the actual prototype Metal that was on the catalog. Very cool piece of Prs history!