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  1. Berten

    NGD: Welcome to the Core

    love to color! happy new guitar day!
  2. Berten

    Get your straps out

    being pretty big, i have trouble finding a strap that is long enough to hang my guitar at an easy to reach low point. but i do believe that each guitar deserves her own private strap so i have 14 dunlop straps (of the lucky 13 line - might look goofy on stage, but i don't care), 1 mono (padded)...
  3. Berten

    Post a random fact about your music collection.

    talking about hoarding: this past saturday, i bought CD number 10.000 of the collection. i can say i have spent money worth an entire house into my music collection... i can't say goodbye to stuff. cd's i've sold in the past, i rebought
  4. Berten

    Memorable Lyrics

    black sabbath - paranoid
  5. Berten

    Slayer Sunday

    i saw them last year on my birthday (my wife caught two guitar picks of king). they were awesome! first time i saw them in a club and not at a metal festival i do hope they do come back to say goodbye to europe too
  6. Berten

    Myles Kennedy

    when I saw on facebook that myles was coming to europe to do some solo shows, i was very exited. but unlucky for me, first tourdates were only for the UK. the next thing i know, they were all sold out very quick. i was hoping he was coming to the european mainland too, cause it was impossible to...
  7. Berten

    Great Interview with Mikael & Fredrik from Opeth

    i started watching the interview and after a couple of minutes my attention faded. end then they weren't really talking about making a great metal album again... and i turned it of and went back to playing guitar. yippie!
  8. Berten

    What amp do us peasants play our SE's through?

    mesa dual rectifier... but lately i've been doing a lot of thinking about switching to digital modeling and going for the powered kemper toasterhead
  9. Berten

    2017 Autumnal Concert Chronicles

    my little update of the last month, pretty wrecking... starting to feel the age: - Metallica with Kvelertak: Really hooked on Kvelertak at the moment. Hadn't heard their music before the show and i was down with it right at the top of the first song. the energy, the layers of guitars. i really...
  10. Berten

    PRS SE Mark Holcomb Ltd Editon Grey Black Satin

    found this link about a new Mark Holcomb model. what did I miss?
  11. Berten

    Who has an old SE Singlecut? What's happening with these things?

    I used to have a white one I got very cheap.... but then needed money for another more expensive guitar so i put some guitars online and it was the first one to get sold... the I got sad... then I bought a core custom 24 and I was happy but i still regret selling that one... now I'm getting...
  12. Berten

    The PRS Strat

    let's hope it will be released in blue... so it sounds even better!
  13. Berten

    NGD!! signed Tremonti Goldtop!

    that's one nice gold top!
  14. Berten

    2017 Autumnal Concert Chronicles

    i saw Avatarium a couple of weeks ago. Great show, but not a lot of people were in the club. (made it more easy for me to grab a guitar pick and the set list after the show) a week later i saw Evergrey in a sweaty club. pretty cool, but for a band that's been busy for all of those years i...
  15. Berten

    Orange.. Whats been your Favorites?

    Blood orange is always a win
  16. Berten

    Let's see your ORANGES

    Finally a thread I can my a contribution too. This is my first core model (and probably won't be the last)... Custom 24 in Blood Orange. Never made a NGD-thread, but now she does get some attention...
  17. Berten

    new 2017 collection ?

    Just go to GuitarGuitar in Ghent.
  18. Berten

    [Technique] What is your favorite excercise?

    does looking at the guitar from all angles count? cause I'm mastering that right! too much work and no play makes me a dull boy!
  19. Berten

    Show off your 408 thread

    lipstick smudge
  20. Berten

    PRS Model Survey

    only 1 core model in the collection so far: Custom 24 with a blood orange finish