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  1. boxstop7

    Any HB owners ever use flat wound strings?

    Good call on the bending issue, Duffy. I hadn't considered that, but I do recall bends being very stiff and much more laborious. Not impossible, as you said, but more difficult than normal. I was considering picking up a Hollowbody II for a while, and my plan was to use actual acoustic...
  2. boxstop7

    Guitar room

    Wow...that is fantastic! Totally jealous of your practice space!!!
  3. boxstop7

    Any HB owners ever use flat wound strings?

    I've never owned a hollow body or arch top, but I used flat wound strings (D'Addario Chromes) on another guitar that was piezo-equipped. I actually LOVED them. I made sure to get a set with the wound-G string (I think it sounds less "chimey"). Flat wound strings definitely felt differently...
  4. boxstop7

    Help with some wood...

    Howdy gang! I know we've got a ton of folks on here to are luthiers to varying degrees, master modders, rebuilders, etc...and I'm hoping that the collective knowledge and experience here can point me in the right direction... I modded a guitar a while back and put a piezo bridge in it...
  5. boxstop7

    In Washington D.C. Anyone around?

    I'll be later than that, unfortunately. I work up by BWI, and I'm beholden to the homestead until my sitter can arrive (single parenthood and all). 8 is probably more realistic for me. If that's too late, I totally understand, but if I can join in I'd love to!
  6. boxstop7

    In Washington D.C. Anyone around?

    The where and the when? :cheers:
  7. boxstop7

    In Washington D.C. Anyone around?

    Anyone want to get together for a drink tomorrow?
  8. boxstop7

    Whatcha All Look Like?

    It's nice to put faces to names! I don't have any pics playing my PRS, but I've got this from a small wedding gig I did a while back...
  9. boxstop7

    In Washington D.C. Anyone around?

    I live just outside of Silver Spring. Depending on how long you're here, and if I can get someone to chill with the kiddo after work during the week, I could be available as well!
  10. boxstop7

    TC Electronic Mini Pedals

    The Spark Mini is what I've got on my board to provide boost to my lead channel. The thing is just great. It's simple, and it does exactly what I need it to do. I've been tempted to try a few others!
  11. boxstop7

    Show your pedalboard!

    I'll have to post some updated pics of my current board. I've got too much stuff, so the Whammy sits on the floor next to my board. :-) Hey Corey - how do you like the Talking Machine? I've been thinking about getting one...
  12. boxstop7

    The Tremonti Wah-Wah

    I took mine out of the box, played with it for 20 mins, and the rubber pad had slid halfway off the pedal. Total piece of $#!*. So I did what seemed totally reasonable, in my angered state: sized it up, went out to the garage, broke out the mitre saw, and cut a piece of actual aluminum...
  13. boxstop7

    Custom 24 vs 22 vs 408

    Why can't I vote for more than one??? :-) I dove into the PRS world last year with an Artist Package 408, and I'm absolutely in love. I'm already planning out my next guitar (Artist Package Cu22 or 24 with a trem and the \m/ pickups). I love my 408 because of the versatility. I know plenty...
  14. boxstop7

    Any manchilds out there?

    I've fallen out of the video game world as I've gotten older, but I really really loved the Prince of Persia series for Xbox and 360.
  15. boxstop7

    Input on wah pedals...

    I've cracked open my 95Q and made a few tweaks to the default settings. I rolled the one knob back all the way so that there is now almost no indication of the "on/off" transition you mentioned. I also rolled the default position back on the pot to help remove some of that squawky high end I...
  16. boxstop7

    Happy Birthday Paul

    Happy Birfday to the man, the myth, the legend!!!
  17. boxstop7

    Luthier school/training?

    Thought I'd ask this question, b/c it seems like a lot of you guys have significant experience either working for PRS or working on your own guitars. I'm interested in attending a luthier school or training program in the Maryland area. Something I could do "part-time", maybe a few days a week...
  18. boxstop7

    Input on wah pedals...

    Thanks for the input, everyone! I've definitely got a few more things to check out now! :-)
  19. boxstop7

    Input on wah pedals...

    Thanks for the input so far, guys! I prefer the switchless just b/c of the nature of my band. I'm already doing the stompbox dance from hell as it is (I'll likely be investing in a GEC9 in a matter of days to alleviate much of that), and I like the fact that for a quick solo or fill...
  20. boxstop7

    Shall we play a game?

    Anyone contacted the seller? I'm tempted... :-)