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  1. Andy80

    NGD: My first Private Stock, SSH in faded pomegranate

    Good lord that is GORGEOUS. I love it!! I bet it sounds amazing. The special is my next PRS for sure! What I love more is the grain on the back. I love my 594, however I definitely wish it wasn't a black finish on the back and the back of the neck. Love seeing the wood grain.
  2. Andy80

    NGD: I was, was not, was, then did. I mean…It’s Joe freakin’ Walsh.

    Congrats, what a gorgeous top!! Super cool guitar. First time I've heard PRS using stainless frets. How do you like them? I owned a Suhr a few years ago. They feel amazing, but sound weird to me.
  3. Andy80

    NGD:McCarty 594 10 top Black Gold Burst

    Ohhhhh baby!
  4. Andy80

    NGD - My first brand new PRS

    Oh man, congrats! That's a beauty!! I love mine.
  5. Andy80

    Tell me about 57/08 Pickups

    My fave PRS pickup ever made. Vintagey, nice output, great feel, clear, split sound is INCREDIBLE. I absolutely love these pups.
  6. Andy80

    Difference between single and double cut 594s

    I love my 594. The singlecut 594 is slightly thicker and has a bit of a meatier tone because of that. They play exactly the same otherwise. I also play an R7 but I welcomed the DC 594 because les pauls are unwieldy in the best of cases. Even still, the SC594 is a lot easier to handle than a...
  7. Andy80

    NGD and DGT

    beauty guitar, enjoy it!!
  8. Andy80

    Silver Sky owners....

    I had one for a while then I sold it. Just didn't bond with it for some reason. The pickups sounded great, but I felt the plastic parts were extremely cheap. I didn't like the tuners either. I think mine was a pretty normal weight, ~7lbs ish. I did not love the neck either, I felt it was...
  9. Andy80

    What is your next PRS and why?

    Just curious how you decide which next PRS to buy. I am going to order probably in the summer but I'm not yet sure what to buy. (maybe 509, maybe SH22...or maybe DGT) My current lineup is: McCarty 594 Gibson LP R7 Gibson LP Jr R8 Fender CS6 3 Telecaster I've got a 64 CS Strat on the way Do...
  10. Andy80

    What picks do you favor for playing with your PRS?

    Dunlop ultex sharp 1.14mm for several years now and I love them.
  11. Andy80

    Hugely disappointed

    I suppose it could be one of those things being different in person; I have no doubt EV pops in person. And yeah Cobalt does look like river blue, I like both....
  12. Andy80

    PRS Semi-Hollow Custom Special 22 vs 35th Anniversary Custom 24

    Modern eagle is the best choice for that application. Between ssh and cu24, I’d get the 24. While the ssh is very versatile, I would want a solid bodied guitar for studio work.
  13. Andy80

    Hugely disappointed

    I was not at all surprised by the lack of 'wow' type announcements, but my expectations were low, meaning I was awfully excited to hear that they relaunched the Special 22 Semi-Hollow, a guitar that I was considering buying last year. This is a fantastic guitar and just up my alley. Also very...
  14. Andy80

    Nut on core CU 24

    I mean bone nut is just a funny word
  15. Andy80

    Tell me everything about DGT!

    I've been wondering about DGT's myself and found this thread in a search. I did have a chance to play one about 6 months ago, but I didn't spend very much time with it. I remember thinking the pups were EXTREMELY hot, but sounded really good (through a princeton). I love the control layout, it's...
  16. Andy80

    594 Wood Library Hollow Body

    That sir, is a beautiful instrument
  17. Andy80

    NGD!!! Something Roasted This Way Comes........

    I love that neck, wow! Enjoy!
  18. Andy80

    Mod suggestion?

    Way ahead of you ;) (see avatar)
  19. Andy80

    Mod suggestion?

    Alright done. 5708s ordered. Thanks everyone. Havent had this pup since I owned a core studio years ago and I loved it then.