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  1. stratcpo

    Clipon Tuners

    Can anyone recommend a clipon tuner that works well with the PRS headstock. So far I haven't found one and use my Pitchlock pedal tuner for my PRS guitars. Thanks
  2. stratcpo

    Register guitar on PRS website

    When you register a guitar on the website do you still need to send in the warranty card that comes with the guitar? Seems like you are doing the same process twice to do both. ENJOY!!!!
  3. stratcpo


    Is there any place I can buy a 30th anniversary truss rod cover like the ones on the S2 CU 24 for my SE CU24? I checked the PRS store and none are listed. Thanks.
  4. stratcpo

    First Core Guitar

    A couple of weeks ago we were on vacation and stopped by Brian's in CT. and picked up this beautiful SC245, stashed it in the trunk for the long trip back to Texas. ENJOY!!![/URL][/IMG]
  5. stratcpo


    Just received my 30th Anniversary SE CU 24 yesterday. What an excellent guitar. Plays and sounds fantastic. ENJOY!!![/URL][/IMG]
  6. stratcpo


    Just put down my ZM after playing for a couple of hours and still amazed how well this guitar sounds and plays. PRS hit a home run with this model. ENJOY!!!
  7. stratcpo


    Hey Brian, thanks for the great shirt I received today. Next time I'm in that area I'll stop by and check out your shop. Thanks again. ENJOY!!!