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  1. mr_spoons

    2020 Silver Sky QC issues

    Thanks for your help zerolight, I'll probably see if I can get some new screws.
  2. mr_spoons

    2020 Silver Sky QC issues

    It's brand new. Maybe I've just been unlucky. I can of course sort it out myself, it's just not a job I expected or want to spend the time doing. It's beautifully set up as is, I didn't even have to tune it, let alone alter the action or intonation, but now.... No matter, I still love her...
  3. mr_spoons

    2020 Silver Sky QC issues

    LOL Yeah, it's amazing what nasty little creatures turn up when you zoom right in, isn't it.
  4. mr_spoons

    2020 Silver Sky QC issues

    My SS arrived a few days ago, my 4th PRS :) I'm generally delighted with it, it sounds and plays beautifully. However, there is one annoying gripe, the saddle adjustment screws are badly finished and really sharp, when I rest my palm on the bridge it's distinctly uncomfortable to the point of...
  5. mr_spoons

    Gibson Beats PRS

    Damn you for inserting that worm! :eek:
  6. mr_spoons

    What's a Guitar to You???

    Lovers, to be held and caressed, to let hold and caress in turn, when days are dark or far too bright. They give and receive that which lies deep within. And, the Mrs doesn't mind, too much. ;)
  7. mr_spoons

    Cheapest, new guitar you've played that was comfortable and stayed in tune, without modding?

    Lol, yes they cover a lot of ground tonally, and they cover it very well. I just bought another Epiphone version yesterday, with upgraded pups. :) If I'm happy with it, I'll probably sell my current Epiphone to one of my mates.
  8. mr_spoons

    Cheapest, new guitar you've played that was comfortable and stayed in tune, without modding?

    Epiphone Nighthawk Custom Reissue, bought brand new in 2014, I paid £250 and it's a little belter. I can't believe the price I payed for it and have several mates who are always trying to persuade me to sell it, no way jose! As luck would have it, I found the Gibson version while browsing...
  9. mr_spoons

    PRS continues to amaze me with tuning stability - SE ZM

    After travelling 2,700+ Km from Sweden to my home in the UK, I was astonished to find that the tuning on my newly acquired SC HB II Piezo was bang on pitch and in tune. The previous owner said it had never been played, the strings looked and sounded years old, but the tuning was solid. Amazing.
  10. mr_spoons

    Will tube amps ever become obsolete?

    I've seen many blind test videos such as this one where the guinea pig can't tell the difference, or even prefers the modeller/profiler. Can anyone point me to a recent-ish video where the opposite is true?
  11. mr_spoons

    If there could be only one....

    A good friend of mine has a 345, bought by his dad just after the UK ban on US musical instruments, post WWII. Unfortunately, that's probably as close as I'm ever going to get to owning one. :( I'll vote for the PRS DGT, one of which I am now lucky enough to own. I could quite happily live...
  12. mr_spoons

    The ultimate, quintessential and timeless PRS guitar?

    I love my 24, but it's got to be the DGT for me, I find it's tones both quintessential and timeless.
  13. mr_spoons

    SC HB II Piezo Outputs

    OK, thanks a lot for your advice. I'll see how I get on with it 'as is' and then maybe have a chat with my techi.
  14. mr_spoons

    Photos, let's see 'em

    Since we're in the mood....
  15. mr_spoons

    SC HB II Piezo Outputs

    Thanks. I'm not looking to do this, I'm just trying to determine whether I need a split cable for this incoming guitar, due Monday. It was described as "Never used" so I doubt it would have been modded.
  16. mr_spoons

    Photos, let's see 'em

    Taken at a local fireworks display a few years ago.
  17. mr_spoons

    SC HB II Piezo Outputs

    That's what I thought, but then I saw a review on youtube that said it used a stereo jack which he had running to two amps via a split cable. Would that be an option from new, or would it have to be an after-sale mod?
  18. mr_spoons

    SC HB II Piezo Outputs

    Could someone please tell me if the mixed output of this guitar takes a stereo jack or not. Thanks.
  19. mr_spoons

    The *unofficial * PRSs & Dogs Thread.

    Thanks guys. Sandy's blushing. :)