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  1. shallbe

    Let's talk treble bleeds... (DGT)

    I don't like treble bleeds in general and removed mine. I think they do something to the tone even wide open.
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    I like that guitar. Love the African Blackwood.
  3. shallbe

    My first PRS Inbound

    No. Santana Yellow has a natural back. Vintage Yellow has a red back and neck, as well as the Honey finish, although the one I saw was more red/brown back vs. true cherry.
  4. shallbe

    Hooo, hooo!

    Would not own or play something like this. Sorry.
  5. shallbe

    The Birds Behind The Famous PRS Bird Inlays (McCarty 594 love affair)

    That was fantastic. You have a nice feel to your playing.
  6. shallbe

    Les Paul Jr DC lookalike new product request.

    Eastman makes a REALLY nice one. Great woods, accurate shape, light weight and components. Has an ebony fingerboard, a Faber wraptail, Gotoh tuners and a Lollar P-90. I love mine. I wish PRS would make a Santana model, flametop, flatop, wraptail, single dog ear P90, Santana neck...
  7. shallbe

    SEEG and Ye Shall Find

    I'm with Sergio. I love some of the Strat tones, but don't get along well with a typical Fender. I also love the sound of mahogany. About 12 years ago I had John Suhr build me MY ultimate S type. Mahogany body, unique sparkle color finish based upon a refinished '62 Strat I once played...
  8. shallbe

    PRS pickup set for Les Paul?

    Thanks! I've owned it since 2003. With these pickups, it also happens to be one of the best sounding guitars I have ever owned. The top has some cool figure and waves, and looks like gathered yellow silk. Huge neck, weighs 10 lbs. but very balanced so I never notice it is heavy. I love it.
  9. shallbe

    PRS pickup set for Les Paul?

    Thanks! I got the pickups years ago, both sets mint on Ebay. Both from the 90's. Prices were reasonable back then. I just checked Reverb and there is a zebra set from 1991 for $420, which is a lot more than I paid.
  10. shallbe

    PRS pickup set for Les Paul?

    If you are looking for a PRS pickup set that is great for a Les Paul, find an old 90's set of PRS Artist pickups. These are alnico 4 and fantastic, IMO. I put them in my CU22 and my Les Paul Custom. They do everything well. Much better than any other PRS pickup I have tried with the...
  11. shallbe

    TCI or no TCI?

    There are many threads about that guitar turns out. It was also pointed out on the old Birds and Moons and Vintage Rocker websites. Here is a link on the Les Paul Forum from 2011. Those guys have spotted a lot of fakes and conversions masquerading as real vintage sunburst Les Paul's. Right...
  12. shallbe

    TCI or no TCI?

    I’ll have to find it. But some pretty well known people that work on vintage guitars right away were pointing what was not right about it.
  13. shallbe

    TCI or no TCI?

    I think it has been readily proven when that video was released that is not a real 1959 sunburst guitar. Regardless, they both sound great.
  14. shallbe

    Schroeder adjustable vs PRS adjustable tailpiece?

    Thanks! The flame is so tight onstage it looks like a plaintop.
  15. shallbe

    Schroeder adjustable vs PRS adjustable tailpiece?

    Yes. Absolutely. I love the way they feel and sound, and yes, they are cheaper than PRS. Years ago I removed the PRS solid bridge for this and could not be happier. I like the lines of the bridge as well---it matches the curves of the guitar, IMO. He does make a straight back one as well.
  16. shallbe

    PRS Robben Ford model

    Interested to hear the specs of this guitar. Robben always sounds great, clean or dirty, and has unique phrasing that is very recognizable. That is true talent, regardless of his age. And true talent is a lot more important to me than demographics. I'm drawn to expressive players, and Robben...
  17. shallbe

    Will PRS follow suit with a T-type?

    Thanks! It is an alnico rod P-90 from Fralin, paired with their Sunbucker in the bridge. It does sounds sweeter than a regular p-90---like a p-90 and a Strat neck pickup were mixed. I REALLY like it. Plus, the whole guitar is noiseless. It is getting great reviews from the bandstand.
  18. shallbe

    Played a couple of Private Stock, no biggie...

    I've played a few PS guitars, and some of them were pretty amazing. I REALLY know what I want out of a guitar, and thankfully have been able to find it in "cheaper" Artist and Wood Library PRS. I' so happy with my 4 that I don't dream about a PS anymore. I DO, however, still look at WL and AP...
  19. shallbe

    Finally happy with my Phase 2 tuners

    I have three older PRS with the Phase 2 tuners. Great guitars, but the buttons are sooo small. You have to have the button tension just right for them to feel good, IMO. My DGT has the Phase 3, and I love the ergonomics of those buttons and the ease of tuning. Thought I was stuck with...
  20. shallbe

    Will PRS follow suit with a T-type?

    Hey Paul, I'm available for design work and R&D. I own a lot of T-types and have built my fair share of unique ones as well. Hit me up! We can create a winner.