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  1. Mike Duncan

    NGD: Tremonti Private Stock

    That’s incredible!
  2. Mike Duncan

    DGT Pickups

    As far as being devalued…haha!! You should see all the stickers I’ve put on mine. Come visit me on Instagram. My DGT is heavily modded!
  3. Mike Duncan

    DGT Pickups

    The DGT is so much more than just the pickups. Tremolo, 6100 frets, McCarty thickness, neck shape, and cool volumes/tone with the three way switch. My 2008 goldtop has had 57/08s installed since 2009. I have another that’s totally stock. The 57/08s reign supreme for me. And, just to...
  4. Mike Duncan

    Let’s talk nuts…..

    In 2013, I was asked by the PTC to test the new nut material on my 2008 DGT. I stopped at the factory, got the nut installed, and tested it out for a few months. I think I kept it on there? In 2020, I had the PTC install a bone nut. I’ve been happy with the bone (TWSS).
  5. Mike Duncan

    DGT and 0.009 Gauge

    So many decimals and zeros. As a life long Strat player (strung with 11-49s - always), the PRS 25” scale has always felt floppy to me. I’ve never been able to duck below 11s. The DGT coming from the factory with 11s was perfect for me - already factory set up with the perfect set up.
  6. Mike Duncan

    What (guitar related) did Santa bring?

    My wife got me the Boss DS-1w - the new MIJ Waza Craft version. I love it!
  7. Mike Duncan


    Goldtop DGT? That sounds like a pretty nice guitar.
  8. Mike Duncan

    PRS SE DGT Colors

    From the one photo of David playing a prototype, looks like goldtop is at least definite color.
  9. Mike Duncan

    The Ideal Guitar Case - If Only!

    Calton? If I had the money, I go for one of theirs in a heartbeat.
  10. Mike Duncan

    What's your favorite PRS to play.

    My 2008 goldtop DGT.
  11. Mike Duncan

    Headstock Logo Glue?

    I have a missing piece on my 14 year old DGT.
  12. Mike Duncan

    Demographics: Settling the discussion once and for all

    The poll doesn't surprise me at all. Seems kinda D&D...again, and that doesn't shock me. ;)
  13. Mike Duncan

    I've Got An Itch (Vol 4)

    A few years ago I put a DGT in a Tele neck spot. One of the most lush guitar sounds I've heard.
  14. Mike Duncan

    Difference in feel between two almost identical guitars?

    I've owned five DGTs. The middle three are gone - I still own a June 2008 and 2019 transition model (has neck binding). NONE of the neck shapes were even remotely similar! I don't mind the change in shape...not a huge deal.
  15. Mike Duncan

    Reminding Me Why I'm Here

    Wonderful story! So good to hear!
  16. Mike Duncan

    Got banned from TGP, have no idea why...

    The comments here sure don't disappoint. I've thoroughly enjoyed being a mod for the past four years. Keeping people civil during some of the most trying times we've ever seen has been a real joy. All while getting paid nothing to be (mentally and emotionally) away from my family.
  17. Mike Duncan

    Got banned from TGP, have no idea why...

    I’m on another Twitter break. Taken a few Facebook breaks too. Sent you a message.
  18. Mike Duncan

    NGD - Goldtop baby!

    That is absolutley STUNNING!!
  19. Mike Duncan

    NGD!!!!! Finally!!!

    Nothing better than a goldtop!