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  1. nosidamde

    Is anyone playing their 25' PRS in Drop A

    I would recommend a Digitech Drop pedal. I've used one for years, and it does a great job.
  2. nosidamde

    Ebony Tuning Pegs

    Looks great!
  3. nosidamde

    I'm still using a Voodoo Lab control switcher!

    I'm still using a Voodoo Lab control switcher!
  4. nosidamde

    Ebony Tuning Pegs

    It looks good against that natural (Korina?) body! After seeing this, I would prefer white against the charcoal on mine. Thank you for sharing!
  5. nosidamde

    Ebony Tuning Pegs

    Enough said, I wouldn't be able to get that out of my head if I followed through with that idea. haha
  6. nosidamde

    Ebony Tuning Pegs

    That's a really good idea actually, have you tried this before and can you share a picture of the results?
  7. nosidamde

    Ebony Tuning Pegs

    That's something I haven't considered yet, with the maple rings... The original thought process was ebony ALL the things except for the tone/volume knobs, which I love those as it is. :D
  8. nosidamde

    Ebony Tuning Pegs

    Today I received my ebony tuning pegs from John Mann's Guitar Vault and wanted to share the update. In case anyone out there is considering making the change, it's worth it! Good quality, looks good, and this will sound strange but they feel good to the touch. The big question in my mind now...
  9. nosidamde

    Prs 2020 new models hopes

    I really have been hoping for a return of the SC250. I ended up just buying another Tremonti instead.
  10. nosidamde

    NGD - Tremonti

    Hello everyone, I recently got the itch for a new PRS guitar. I've owned multiple SC and DC PRS guitars over the years including a SC-58, Tremonti SE, Tremonti (first year of the no extra cost option adjustable stoptail), McCarty Brazilian, and my main gigging guitar a SC250 AP. I also still...
  11. nosidamde

    New Schaller S-Locks

    Fair enough.
  12. nosidamde

    New Schaller S-Locks

    I just installed a set on my new Tremonti I just got this past week from Sweetwater. I was skeptical at first but I'm really happy with the results! I still added a wood glue covered tooth pick just like I did all my previous guitars with the gen 1 series strap locks. I only buy Reunion...
  13. nosidamde

    I literally just saw this message. I appreciate you asking, but it's not for sale.

    I literally just saw this message. I appreciate you asking, but it's not for sale.
  14. nosidamde

    What do you run your Acoustics through?

    I have not tried a PRS with a piezo through the Venue DI.
  15. nosidamde

    Older Singlecuts/250's/245's/SC58's/Ted's: Trash or Treasure?

    The day that I have to retire my 2013 SC250 AP will be an expensive day. Since there is no SC250 core model, I would spend for a PS. I know the Tremonti model is basically the same with the adjustable wraptail option, which I've also owned, but I've been wanting a PS for some time now and...
  16. nosidamde

    Added another SE to my signature today!

    I'm scared to admit how much fun I've had since picking it up earlier this evening from Dave's Guitar Shop in LaCrosse, WI. Tylor has always done a great job of taking care of me over the phone and in person, I recommend you give them a try sometime. I honestly was just looking for a...
  17. nosidamde

    What's your giggin' rig?

  18. nosidamde

    What's your giggin' rig?

    That's your acoustic rig?
  19. nosidamde

    What's your giggin' rig?

    Thank you! I almost feel bad because of the lack of PRS content. I've been using Taylor guitars live for years though. Maybe someday I can afford a $7k+ for an Angelus.
  20. nosidamde

    What's your giggin' rig?

    Guitar #1, Taylor T5z Custom Into this, Line 6 G50 (TC Electronic PolyTune 2)>TC Electronic BodyRez>LR Baggs Venue DI>Mixer Guitar #2, Taylor 814CE Custom Into this, Whirlwind IMP 2 DI>Mixer