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  1. ReptilianNosewood

    Pedals that never leave your board?

    Normally would be my cry baby but as of last year the John Petrucci wah has taken over. The normal crybaby feels weird now having less than half of the sweep that the JP has.
  2. ReptilianNosewood

    truss rod adjustments - how often should I do it?

    My custom 24 moves a lot too, i live in an area near water where the humidity fluctuates drastically from day to night, and even moreso lately. I keep a feeler gague handy and evey so often i measure the relief and set it back at .010.
  3. ReptilianNosewood

    prs all the way?

    PRS and Strats. I had an olllld Les Paul i was in the middle of refinishing and i decided i didnt want it so i gave it to a friend. My next one may be a Skervesen, or an Ormsby. I need a high quality 7 and PRS does not make one for less than the price of a car.
  4. ReptilianNosewood

    John Mayer PRS S Type

    Phillip Mcknight just had Paul on live and it was great as it always is when Paul is live. He said a few things about a PRS Strat, and spoke about his problem with single coil guitars is getting to signal to noise ratio right, so that the hum is not louder than the guitar itself. He did refer to...
  5. ReptilianNosewood

    S2 cu24 electronics

    If its just the scratchiness that bugs you, spray some contact cleaner in there, that usually does the trick.
  6. ReptilianNosewood

    Best PRS for Surf (both "modern" surf punk and classic 60s)?

    Not many Strat lovers around here, but i say "Surf Green" Strat! I paticularly like this one because of the Noiseless Jeff Beck pickups. Hotter bridge that hits heavier rock really well, but still all those cool in between tones for the surf part. And the noiseless pickups are not a joke, these...
  7. ReptilianNosewood

    2017 Custom 24 - 85/15 Pickup Challenges

    I also have the 58/15's and the 85/15's and i swear there seems like more of a difference then just covers. With the 58/15's into my Roadster on the Brit setting i get perfect Classic rock tones, the chorus riff from Ramble On sounds like a sledge hammer, but it doesn't quite hit a metal sound...
  8. ReptilianNosewood

    CE24 Owners: tightness?

    Loosen truss rod and lower saddles.
  9. ReptilianNosewood

    New PRS fan and have question on Archon 25 combo

    Could also be a preamp tube, my Mesa Boogie makes a static like noise when a preamp tube is bad.
  10. ReptilianNosewood

    Older Singlecuts/250's/245's/SC58's/Ted's: Trash or Treasure?

    The Recent SC245's with the 58/15's are already selling for cheap and have most of the 594 appointments minus the extra fraction of an inch scale length, neck shape and LT pickups. I personally prefer the regular 58/15's, the LT's lack punch for harder rock in my opinion especially that bridge...
  11. ReptilianNosewood

    Modifying my PRS's!

    Did the ebony rings and black hipshot knobs ala Mark Holcomb to complete the bumblebee look. This guy on reverb made me a matching truss cover and i swapped the HFS/Vintage Bass for 85/15's and Satin finished the neck. Wood rings make everything better!
  12. ReptilianNosewood

    Revelations Whilst Learning

    When i realized that the 5th fret on the E string and the open A string were the same notes i lost my ****.
  13. ReptilianNosewood

    Modifying my PRS's!

    Love how the ebony rings looks with the black gold, it really makes the flame pop.
  14. ReptilianNosewood

    24 Fret 594

    I mostly like 24 frets because visually it helps me to see two groups of 12 frets, for improvisation the 24 frets is much better for me.
  15. ReptilianNosewood

    CE24 Owners: tightness?

    I look for the balance between relief and saddle height to soften the string feel, i try to get the least possible sharp break angle off of my saddles. I have 10's on my Strats, Custom 24 and SC245 and they all feel similar even though they have different scale lengths.
  16. ReptilianNosewood

    7 String SE guitars

    I made a comment about wanting an S2 or a core 7-string on their most recent Youtube channel video and the channel commented back "Hmmmmm". They were probably trolling me but ive left that comment a bunch of times and they never comment back. Even the fact that they notice the comment is a start...
  17. ReptilianNosewood

    Higher gain pickups for the beloved 594.

    There is a set on Reverb right now, 58/15 neck and 85/15 bridge for a good price, hybrid with the silver and gold too. I have both sets and for a singlecut i think it would be absolutely perfect. If i ever find a single 85/15 bridge i will be putting that in my SC245.
  18. ReptilianNosewood

    Prs Custom 24 can it compete with the best fender starts?

    I believe that they smoke the best Strats. I love the Strat sound and recently bought one that i am very pleased with, but the Custom 24 covers way more ground in my opinion, the versatility is better than most guitars ive ever played. The Custom 24 to me is like a Swiss Army Knife.
  19. ReptilianNosewood

    New 594 model

    Damn, i much prefer the sound of the soapbars to the LT's in this video.
  20. ReptilianNosewood

    11' Custom 24 Tuning Issues

    PRS got it right with their nuts... Bone nuts and floating trems dont mix imo. I went down that route and it was a pain in the ass. Even a locally reknowned tech set me up with a bone nut and it wouldnt stay in tune, 3 visits and it still wouldn't stay in tune with trem use.