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    Hans' Stash: Maryland Musician, May 1986

    Thanks Hans! Add me to the list of peeps interested in this stuff. I was 2 in ‘86... my guitar consciousness doesn’t really awaken until 1994. And in small town Ontario, Guitar World was about the only publication available. I still have my cover with EVH and Billy Corgan... my first guitar...
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    Photos, let's see 'em

    Thanks Hans!
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    Photos, let's see 'em

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    Photos, let's see 'em

    I just put up two new galleries of boudoir-ish shots of some of my guitars @ if anyone’s interested. There is indeed some PRS content.
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    DGT Standard Production Numbers?

    Ohhhhh I just saw powder blue in a WW vid. I like that one lotssss
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    DGT Standard Production Numbers?

    I really liked those and contemplated one for a little too long. It was right before a bunch of things conspired to increase the price of guitars up here in Canada. So in retrospect I should have grabbed it then, and nodded the couple things I was iffy on later. the DGT was a wedding gift from...
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    DGT Standard Production Numbers?

    Thanks for the reference @Boogie I’ve also got a 2012.. I was talking to a buddy yesterday and he had never heard from them and asked if it was rare, to which I replied I had no idea. I was hoping someone with an inside track might have an idea... even to comment on the order of magnitudes...
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    DGT Standard Production Numbers?

    Does anyone know how many of these were made??
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    Hollowbody Heartbreak! My beautiful new guitar in pieces...

    Ouch! Each picture gets worse...
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    PRS Hollowbody II vs. 594 Hollowbody II

    To me, it’s not that much like a 335. While not as loud, acoustically speaking, I find the movement of the top and what you feel on your chest/belly to be more like a Gretsch: which is a much more subdued version of what you feel with an acoustic. Think 330. Not 335.
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    Pickups for CU24 for Strat-like in-between tones ?

    +1 for me. I’m not even that crazy about anything past ‘amp overdriven’ in terms of gain with mine. But the clean tones are just awesome in the split positions. I’ve had thornbuckers in the cart many times, and the. I play my CU24 and realize it sounds soo good in those positions that I don’t...
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    Soapy DGT

    Yup. I think that's a standard 24? It's the reason I ended up with a seafoam dgt standard. Now I want a twin with p90s tho.
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    Soapy DGT

    Def a STD model... he replied to someone asking this on his IG
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    Tuner button issues

    Just make sure your strings are off as well. Some of us have tried to do this after the string change to mixed results.... :(o_O
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    1984 Pre Factory Curly Maple Top Santana!

    This would be a birth year PRS for me. I don't think that will help me with the price tho...
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    Multiscale craziness...

    This is so cool. I’d also like to hear the pickup options. But that finish. Wowwwewee My current PS dreams included dog hair filler on a black guitar. But this is sooooo cool. Really blows my hair back!
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    Cigars anyone?

    Yesssssss lol. I was born in ‘84, so wasn’t really getting some of the references when this all went down. Then one of my druncles explained all to me one Xmas. Ahhhhh family.
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    KILLER 594 Artist pack alert!!!

    Well, that makes one of us.
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    Cigars anyone?

    We’re spoiled for Cubans here in Canada. There’s a few good stores left up here if you’re ever travelling North (assuming you’re in the USA)((excluding Alaska, in which case travel South and East. ))
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    Weed Day

    You guys haven’t lived until you’ve listened to Grand Theft Bus and Slowcoaster while being mystified by the checkered dance floor at Chuggles. They call them fingers, but I never see them fing.