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  1. Geo408

    Beautiful guitars

    A guy I know was ragging on my 10 top stripped 58…he was playing a Gibson ”5 A” Supreme..long story short: I plugged in, played an A chord, and he went..”Oh”. Case closed!
  2. Geo408

    NGD Private Stock #8766

    That is one beautiful axe! May you play it with great joy for many, many years! ( I know I would! )
  3. Geo408

    Has anyone played both the limited run SSH (58/15MTs) and the newer core SSH (58/15LTs)?

    I play a just about anything, but classic rock, blues and roots/indie music, is where I live. My main amp right now is a Tone King Imperial. I also use a Dr. Z “Z plus, a 1968 Fender Deluxe reverb, and a modified 1970’s Marshall 50 watter I call “mighty mutt”. The amp I use most is the Tone...
  4. Geo408

    NGD Modern Eagle V

    Nice! I’m on the hunt, too...and a beautiful top, to boot! Nice score all the way around. Welcome back to the club.
  5. Geo408

    Has anyone played both the limited run SSH (58/15MTs) and the newer core SSH (58/15LTs)?

    I have the same model as you. I had a set of the LT’s installed in mine last year, and now I’m going to put the MT’s back in. The MT’s are much more articulate than the LT’s, and all you have to do is lower the MT’s height to calm it down a bit. Like you, I really like the split coil sound of...
  6. Geo408

    How is the S2 Custom 24 better than the SE?

    I have only owned one se, and it was a Santana model made by their other company, World Music. I have played a lot of SE’s, and I just can’t bond with them. The Santana that I owned, I upgraded the heck out of: Duncan Seth Lover pickups, hipshot locking tuners, all new pots, wiring and...
  7. Geo408

    What (guitar related) did Santa bring?

    No guitar, but “Santa” brought me a Tone King Imperial mk II amp head. 22 watts of heavenly bliss! And, it has the Ironman attenuator, which means it sounds great at 2:00am! It is an amazing, versatile amp. Great for stage, studio, and home. Has that great tweed tone, and blackface tone all in...
  8. Geo408

    Let’s talk nuts…..

    I sent my 2019 ssh-Ltd edition to the PTC to “upgrade” the nut, (to a bone nut) the tuners, (to the “tweaked” phase III) and the pickups, (from 58/15 mt) to the 58/15 lt version. The only thing I like better are the tweaked tuners! I never had tuning problems before changing to bone. Don’t get...
  9. Geo408

    I Kinda Miss My Forum.

    I’m sorry I missed it. If you started one again, I’d definitely peruse it..I’m kind of a “studio rat” myself. I got into local commercials years ago, and occasionally still dabble. I haven’t done anything on a national level, but my daughter was in several commercials for a car manufacturer, and...
  10. Geo408

    Is this the wood grain pattern...or...finishing problems?

    It looks like a dried super glue stain that was scraped off. You’ll have to play your guitar for a long time, and eventually it’ll blend in. Chemicals will not work, Ive seen stains like that before.…ymmv.
  11. Geo408


    I had one…I’m sorry I let it go. Don’t make that mistake! It’s an incredible guitar, and there’s nothing else like it currently. I don’t think they will ever do another like it either. If you ever do want to move it though, please contact me first! Lol… it’s a beauty!
  12. Geo408

    Which pickups for my S2 Singlecut Semi-Hollowbody?

    Mule bridge, Seth Lover neck. All the warmth and clarity good classic rock calls for. I had that combo in an S2 semi hollow 22…it was perfect for the classic rock band I was in. I had that guitar for 5+ years, and the only reason I moved it was to upgrade to the core model semi hollow seen in my...
  13. Geo408

    NGD! Finally.

    Congrats brother! The wife and I did the very same thing in’s the autumn sky one, on the right, in my forum pic. It’s a lifetime keeper, just like my wife of 32 years! Seems like you have two keepers, too! Keep on rockin’!
  14. Geo408

    The next Klon

    Try the Analogman King of Tone version IV. The clean boost is probably the best on the market, and the overdrive/distoration side is very articulate and flexible. I bought both of mine 10+ years ago for $250.00 each.. Unfortunately, they are more than double that now, but are $2000.00 less than...
  15. Geo408

    Se silver sky.

    I have always owned a strat, and mine is a 20 year old Custom Shop beauty. I have played several ss, and se “strats” and unfortunately I’m not a fan. The core ss has a 7.25 radius, which for me, makes it unusable, although it looks and feels like a quality guitar. The se version is actually more...
  16. Geo408

    Private Stock Friday

    That ”Watery Blue” beauty is a one in a million masterpiece! In my 67 years, I’ve never seen one as captivating, and beautiful as that one. Bravo, to the team that crafted that incredible work of art! Whoever gets that one, is one very fortunate individual.
  17. Geo408

    They changed the Vela neck pickup?!?

    Why mess with perfection? The D type pickup suits the Vela just fine! ( spelling errors courtesy of Jack Daniels, (thank you very much!)
  18. Geo408

    Best Gig Bag for my DGT

    Mono ftw…they are the best.
  19. Geo408

    Jeff Beck Tour

    I’ve seen Jeff about a dozen times, and he is THE Grand Master of “otherworldly sounds”, tones and unbelievably lyrical leads. He has always surrounded himself with amazing rhythm sections, and very orchestral keyboardists. During the 70’s he had some incredible bands, but they never worked out...
  20. Geo408

    What PRS pickup has less high end? The 59/09 or the 57/08? And other questions

    Go for the Vela with a 57/08 bridge, and I put a late 60’s Gibson mini-hum bucket in the neck…talk about great tone! ( not trying to hijack the thread, just commenting on the project of a fellow forum brother!) as for the 57/08/ 59/09 combo, I have that in a Custom 22…try it, you might just love it!