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  1. cjmwrx

    FREE McCarty Archtop Pickups

    Like an idiot, I sold my 57/08s out of the guitar below. I would love to have a set or McCarty Archtops in it!!!
  2. cjmwrx

    Why so much trash talk on SE's?

    Because some people are gear snobs. Admittedly, I am one of those.
  3. cjmwrx

    PRS and Tremol-No?

    I have a tremel-no on my Cu22. I am using the backplate on mine without issue. However, I leave it locked at all times.
  4. cjmwrx

    NGD pawn shop find!

    That was an absolute steal!!! :eek:
  5. cjmwrx

    Show your Custom 22(s)!

    PRS 2009 Sunburst 22 Nitro
  6. cjmwrx

    NGD x2

    Very Nice indeed!!!
  7. cjmwrx

    Balanced Tension Strings

    I've been using the 11-50 set from D'Addario for about a year now. I did need to re-setup the guitar afterwards. I won't say the sound or feel any different. So it's more of personal preference.
  8. cjmwrx

    The 594?

  9. cjmwrx

    What's Your Best Playing/Feeling PRS?

    No, I just don't want to take a nitro finished PRS to practice 3-4 times a week in the middle of winter. I love the way my PRS feels and sounds. But, I also love the way my LP Special feels and sounds. If the finish on my LP gets checked from the cold, I don't care as much. The PRS was over 3K...
  10. cjmwrx

    What's Your Best Playing/Feeling PRS?

    My Sunburst 22 (my only PRS atm). However, my guitar that gets the most play is my Les Paul Special. Probably because it cost about 1/3rd what the PRS cost.
  11. cjmwrx

    NGD for me!!

    Nice!!! I have a Sunburst 22 myself.
  12. cjmwrx

    Neck binding poll

    I have no issues with neck binding as long as the fret ends are over the binding. I cannot stand binding nibs on the fret ends.
  13. cjmwrx

    Uhh... Is The CE Back For 2016?

    The put out a 22 with a Pattern Neck and my CC comes out. I am so grateful they are bringing the CE back! It also looks like the Controls are not in routed recessed pockets like the other Core guitars. They appear to be flat on the maple top.
  14. cjmwrx

    NGD x2

    Love that Core CU24! Beautiful top on that!
  15. cjmwrx

    Need covers...

    One important note, if you do put covers on your pickups, and you play high gain, or boost a high gain signal you will get feedback if you do not have the pickups re-wax potted. I put covers on all of my guitars, and was getting terrible Micro-phonic feed back on both my Marshall DSL at the...
  16. cjmwrx

    New Member: First Core Prs incoming

    I have a Sunburst 22 from 2009. Yes, all of the Sunburst models had a Nitro finish and 57/08s. However, if yours is just a McCarty SC245 it will have the standard PRS finish.
  17. cjmwrx

    Private Stock Friday

    Private Stock S2 Mira Semi? Nice!
  18. cjmwrx

    Seymour Duncan Replacements

    +1 on the ToneZone, I have 1 in the bridge of my Sunburst 22. Plenty of beef.
  19. cjmwrx

    Forum Truss Rod Cover

    I'd take 2 if they did another run.