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  1. 88prs

    Can We PLEASE Stop Referring to "USA Electronics" In Core Guitars ???

    and.... bottom line... who cares! It's just steel, carbon and wire.... don't care. But give me the best crafted instrument being a Core PRS that I've been playing for 35 years now!
  2. 88prs

    McCartys... Let's see 'em!

    I got a new Custom 24, black gray smokeburst,,,, sounds great but I think the McCarty beats it.
  3. 88prs

    McCartys... Let's see 'em!

    Late to the party................. Dang Dave, That is the most awesome well played McCarty I've seen!!!! I had a McSmokeburst that was awesome, kick myself for selling.
  4. 88prs

    ‘88 Custom 24 Tone/Switching Control Options

    My '88 Custom is very bright also. The first thing I did was remove the bright cap across the volume input and wiper. Then roll the Volume back to take the shrillness out. That's all it needed. Would really like a tone control but not at changing a vintage hand carved PRS! Don't use the...
  5. 88prs

    Pedals or no Pedals

    Well,,, thanks to this post I dug into my storage and found many vintage pedals from the 70's that still work great!!! woohoo, might have to post them on Reverb! haha $$$$$$$$$$ Also, this made me go get the Vox Handwired Wah,,,, now to order the PRS lot.
  6. 88prs

    Pedals or no Pedals

    The band plays all Classic rock and blues,,,, old rocker here.. so with my victoria or jtm and a bb pre-amp I am good for most everything. But "spice" is nice... hmm,,, pile of pedals in the bottom of the trunk I should break out.
  7. 88prs

    Pedals or no Pedals

    Just curious.... I was playing a gig a long time ago and this person walked by the stage and said "there's all the magic pedals".... shortly after that I became a minimalist using at most one pedal and letting a good tube amp do all the work. Now,,,,, I miss some of the cool stuff. You all...
  8. 88prs

    S2 knob loose after replacing pot - how to fix?

    The boys and girls at PRS actually pry the pot shaft open slightly, Never understood why PRS knobs have a slightly larger opening. If you purchase a replacement pot from PRS it will come that way also.
  9. 88prs

    What magnets are in 58/15LT pickups?

    A2's, Early Gibson re-issues were using A2's also, now they have a custom bucker with A3
  10. 88prs

    Which S2 594 do you like best....assuming you like the 594

    Thinline for me too, mine is under 7 pounds, has a great neck and just an over all nice guitar
  11. 88prs

    DGT String Gage 11's

    Going with a wood library brazzi board DGT today, hopefully.... 11's seem intimidating so will go with standard 10's and back off the spring tension a bit.
  12. 88prs

    S2 CU 24 Hardcase?

    I have an S2 Thinline so obviously thinner.... duh... but found if I use a brand new factory sealed box case, it conforms to the guitar perfect, even the neck rest. But if I put the same guitar in my other PRS cases (used) the neck rides above the neck rest which I don't like.
  13. 88prs

    DGT String Gage 11's

    Sounds like,,,,,, just go for it! cool, thanks!
  14. 88prs

    DGT String Gage 11's

    Thinking of unloading on a DGT via internet sales..... What can I expect in feel when it comes to 11's with wide frets? All my other PRS's have 10-46.
  15. 88prs

    S2 Custom 24 Hard Case

    Same issue with juniors and specials in the lifton cases. Put a hand towel under the lower end of the body and the S2 will fit in the multi-fit case great.
  16. 88prs

    How can I make my PRS SE sound more like a Les Paul?

    """"How can I make my PRS SE sound more like a Les Paul?"""" Buy an Epiphony PRS guitars should sound like a PRS.... sorry I'm biased.
  17. 88prs

    The best concert experience you've ever had?

    1976 Santa Monica Civic Auditorium front row balcony. Thin Lizzy with Brian Robinson and Scott G. was awesome. Phil's bass was also stolen that night after the show. WTH... I believe he got it back though. What a show, Still have my ticket stub....
  18. 88prs

    just purchased a DGT, question about string gauge and tuner knob

    Pic's of the incoming DGT? What color?
  19. 88prs

    Installing new pickups on a cu 24 and wiring implications

    As long as they are 4 conductor wire pickups it's really easy to swap