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  1. stratcpo

    NGD S2 594 SC

    Love that top. Congrats. ENJOY!
  2. stratcpo

    Where are you?

    Wiscasset Maine. Moved here two years ago for family reasons after living in Kingsville, Tx. for thirty years. Boy do we miss south Tx. weather. ENJOY!!!
  3. stratcpo


    Man, I need sunglasses after see that. Congrats. ENJOY!!!
  4. stratcpo

    NGD, Paul's "Dirty" Artist top in Jade.

    Fantastic top on that one Congrats. ENJOY!!!
  5. stratcpo

    Private Stock Friday

    WOW just WOW!
  6. stratcpo

    NGD Finally got my first core... 2000 singlecut, 10 top, birds, Black Sunburst

    I'm digging the gold hardware. Congrats. ENJOY!!!
  7. stratcpo

    Any suggestions for accessories or upgrades to a PRS Zach Myers?

    These guitars are pretty much perfect out of the box, plug it into your favorite amp and rip. Nothing else required. ENJOY!!!
  8. stratcpo

    Private Stock Friday

    Bats. how can you not love that. ENJOY!!!
  9. stratcpo

    WOW! New color scheme

    What the hell, I want one. ENJOY!!!
  10. stratcpo

    NGD- Another Dinner Guest

    Oh Yeah, I dig it. Congrats. ENJOY!!!
  11. stratcpo

    Anyone using 9s on their PRSi??

    9's are the only gauge I use, very easy to play and feel great. ENJOY!!!
  12. stratcpo

    Private Stock Friday

    And the weeks just keep getting better, thanks Hunter. ENJOY!!!
  13. stratcpo

    Private Stock Friday

    Man, I have got to save up some $$$. Seeing this every week makes you weak. ENJOY!!!
  14. stratcpo

    NGD: Welcome to the Core

    That is one beautiful guitar. Congrats. ENJOY!!!
  15. stratcpo

    NGD - PS8059

    I think that is the most beautiful blue I've ever seem. Congrats. ENJOY!!!
  16. stratcpo


    64 and loving it. ENJOY!!!
  17. stratcpo

    50 Year Old Sh!tty Guitar Players Club... who's in?

    I can almost remember being 50 but man that was a long time ago. ENJOY!!!
  18. stratcpo

    New member new Holcomb SE

    Only six, you can do better than that. Looking forward to seeing it. Congrats. ENJOY!!!
  19. stratcpo

    NGD: SE Custom 24 Maple Fingerboard Sapphire

    Oh Yeah, I'm digging it. Congrats. ENJOY!!!