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    My dream guitar arrived today!!!

    That big, useless, blocky thing between the neck and bridge pickups would get in my way. Otherwise looks like a nice guitar. ;)
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    New User

    A Cu24 is a great place to start. A super versatile guitar and addictive playing experience, it'll provide about as much fun as it's possible to have. With a guitar.
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    Ever Find Yourself Looking At Really Crazy Things And Thinking, 'Gee, Maybe'?

    I'm a sucker for all sorts of fineries I don't need, so I totally get it. I've been looking at these overpriced yet useless trinkets lately:
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    I Sort Of Feel Bad Selling My R8

    Yup, I'd bet many here have gone through that dilemma. I find LPs to be like that ... appealing with a great sound, but a great predictable sound, almost boring. While most PRSs can still get those sounds but also offer so much more ... they're just more fun to play. That's why you...
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    Are the brass wraparound / stoptail posts a tonal improvement or cosmetic thing?

    Of course you disclosed that when you sold it .... right?? I mean, it's obviously a material negative when determining the fair value. OTOH, to some, it may actually be a positive! :)
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    Suhr - I feel guilty!

    Well you certainly seem to have your priorities straight with your guitars in the seat next to you, and your girlfriend "not too far away". We could all learn from this. I salute you, good sir! :)
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    No Soapbars. Hmmm...

    That'll work as well ... offer both!
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    No Soapbars. Hmmm...

    My 'can't miss' PRS P-90 prescription (I hope you're listening, Paul! ;)) -Develop killer in-house P-90 pickup. -Install on core semi-hollow singlecut body (with f holes of course). -Sell the crap out of them!
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    I can only choose one? Which though?

    That's fine to say and an honest appraisal. I love all four of my current PRS, but have owned about 10 others along the way that obviously didn't leave me quite as enamoured. Although I do miss a couple of those. :(
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    I can only choose one? Which though?

    Something with a thick, solid body and P-90s. To know them is to love them.
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    Special Semi Hollow LTD's .... MT or LT pickups?

    You're beyond silly! That, on the whole, is a killer guitar! Great color, and the nature of the top suits it perfectly. I wouldn't care if it was a '5' top' ... that's an ideal package where all the elements come together perfectly IMO, and I personally appreciate it for what it is.
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    Best Case for Tone?

    Some great suggestions here, but all are unfortunately wrong. It isn't materials, relicing, shape, construction, vibrational exposure or any other such technique used on your case that will enhance tone, BUT there is fortunately one thing that is guaranteed to work ... Cat piss. You cat owners...
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    NOGD: Any other PRS SC-J owners here?

    Not flatwounds, but I had one that I used with D'Addario Half Rounds, and OMG were they a game changer! They took it from a cool sounding guitar to an incredibly balanced and nuanced tone machine! If you haven't tried them, I implore you to get a set ASAP. You're welcome in advance. :) PS ...
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    Brazilian or Indian?

    Hey, maybe you got really lucky and snagged one with the odd Honduran board! As you may have heard ... Honduran is the new Brazilian after all.
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    Offend me, i DARE you!

    Hey seriously, it's all fine. I don't judge. Your little secrets are safe with me. I won't tell anyone about any of this.
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    Offend me, i DARE you!

    I totally believe that. :rolleyes: Of course it's her car! I never thought otherwise. After all no self-respecting man would ever drive one of those. ;)
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    Offend me, i DARE you!

    It does seem that you'd be hard to offend. I mean, you're obviously a very generous guy, having bought that cute little car in your avatar for your wife. I know the ladies all seem to like that model and think it's adorable, especially in that more feminine white color which is so fitting...
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    Santana Retro

    A Santana has among the biggest set of, umm, stones in the guitar world. Not that your others are lacking in any way, but when it's artillery that you want, there are few peers that come close. Surprisingly, it also has a more delicate side ... relatively delicate, that is. ;)
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    The Eagle has landed…..

    O M G ... spectacular!! Welcome to the club of beautiful Santana owners. The guitars, that is, not necessarily the players. ;)
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    Hollow, semi-hollow, solid body preferences

    My preference is to have all three. :)