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    Strap locks or not?

    Washers I got from the DIY shop a few years back. 20 pence each. Never failed.
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    Bernie Marsden upgrades

    Awesome!! My Bernie has upgraded tuners and pickups (BKP Abraxas). I wouldn't trade it for an LP Standard.
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    What’s your opinion on using a Private Stock as a main instrument?

    I can't afford private stock but I couldn't own a great guitar without gigging it although I would probably cry for a long time if anything serious happened to it beyond the usual battle scars.
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    Flaws with new guitar

    I have a Bernie SE and an S2 Singlecut. I love them both and the S2 was my gigging guitar for four years. Lately I've been playing the Bernie and my Tele and haven't picked the S2 up in months.
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    What do y'all do for a living?

    I retired 6 years ago and was playing in bands until Covid struck. I have health issues which meant I kept out of the way and only recently have ventured to pubs a few times. I was very fond of a few pints but stopped drinking shortly after the virus appeared. I now have a few drinks every few...
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    Is it time to start considering solid state?

    I gigged a Yamaha THR 100 Dual for few years and loved it. I preferred it to the Cornford Roadhouse it replaced. I got a Quilter Cub last year. I loved it, I hated it and now I love it again. It takes a while to understand how it works particularly the limiter which is essential for tuning your...
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    NGD Singlecut action

    Gorgeous!! I have RY's in an S2 Singlecut and they are awesome.
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    Newbie and pickup question

    I have the BKP Abraxas set in a Bernie and they are amazing. The neck and bridge match perfectly for me and they can do just about anything. BKP's have become very expensive though.
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    Out With The Old, In With The New!

    Your new guitar looks amazing. Congratulations!!
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    I’m getting OWNED on TGP!

    You have to be logged in to visit The Pub I believe.
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    S2 Standard pickup upgrade

    Agreed. I have the Abraxas set in my Bernie and they are awesome. I've read that the bridge has less top end than a PAF/Mule type pickup which means I can wind the treble on the amp up a bit and get incredible clarity from the neck pickup. I have Rebel Yells in my S2 Singlecut which are also...
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    PRS S2 or SE, not a hard choice for me

    I have an S2 Singlecut and a Bernie SE. They have different qualities and I love them both. I do not think the S2 is a 'better' guitar than the Bernie.
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    Why won't PRS offer Stainless frets?

    In this vid around 2:20 Paul says he doesn't want his guitars to be refretted unless someone has played the hell out of it for 10-20 years. I've had my Bernie and my S2 for about six years and they are both showing very visible wear particularly under the top E.
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    Pickups with Low End Punch

    I have Rebel Yells in a 2015 S2 Singlecut. Really great pickups. The neck on clean-ish settings gives a very fat strat type sound. The bridge has a lot of punch and the low end is really tight and clear, no mud. To me, the RY's are modern but can give a vintage vibe if required, the Abraxas are...
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    SE245 'muddiness'

    I played through a Spark amp a couple of weeks ago. It produces an excessive amount of low end and may well be the reason for your muddiness.
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    Pickups with Low End Punch

    I have the Abraxas set in my Bernie. Great pickups. The neck is quite bright and clear and the bridge has plenty of guts.
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    Anyone switch to SS Amps over the years??

    I gigged for three years with my Yamaha THR100 Dual and loved it. It was better for my needs than my Cornford Roadhouse which was a very nice valve amp. The Yamaha is a digital amp designed for gigging. Two identical amps in one. Set it up as a two channel amp or run two different amps together...
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    Bare Knuckle Pickups for McCarty 594?

    I'd say that the Abraxas bridge is more vintage and the RY is more modern but they will both cover the same territory with slightly different flavours. The neck pickups are markedly different from one another - the Abraxas is a PAF with a nice twang to it but the RY is much thicker sounding.
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    The Great Green Guitar Thread

    This is my S2 which is allegedly 'frost green'.
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    Bare Knuckle Pickups for McCarty 594?

    Good luck. I have the Abraxas set in my Bernie and they are phenomenal.