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  1. Rhythmisking

    Taking my TED to our gig tonight!

    Sweet. Is the Heritage fully hollow?
  2. Rhythmisking

    Is this the wood grain pattern...or...finishing problems?

    Looks like glue. If it was mine, I'd very, very gently scrape it with a wide, very sharp chisel, then maybe buff with a ScotchBrite pad with fretboard oil on it. But I also used to be a professional woodworker...and from time to time, I actually make things worse, so you do you.
  3. Rhythmisking

    Static crackle when back of guitar rubs against me

    I have one guitar that does this so badly (not a PRS) that it's unplayable this time of year. Others don't have this problem. I'm thinking maybe it has to do with the proximity of a metal control plate in a plastic guard near the pickups that gets swept across by my picking hand, but not sure.
  4. Rhythmisking

    NGD ~ PRS SE Hollowbody Standard (slightly belated)

    The SE Hollowbody Standard is just a special guitar. It's the only SE I own, so I can't speak to the whole line, but the design and execution of that model created something that nothing else in the PRS line has...
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  6. Rhythmisking

    Let’s talk nuts…..

    I have a hunch bone nuts are just caving to player's preferences. The composite nut is superior I think, but to the masses it looks like "it has a plastic nut..." which in many players minds equals "cheap".
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    The MODCAT says it's a non-10 top, but that figuring and the fact that it's one piece does suggest it could be an Artist top, but then it would show that in the MODCAT. That's a really nice SC...
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    Enter MODCAT: N7M2F-HFIBS_EG_N7-77 Model: Couldn't find Model for N7 Top Wood: Maple Frets: 22 Top Spec: Figured Top Grade: Non-Ten Top Neck...
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    I had a Singlecut Satin Artist, same year as yours that had a Brazilian board. But the Artists from then typically had gold hardware, and a Brazilian veneer on the headstock and the logo was paua shell.
  10. Rhythmisking

    What Are Your Favorite Amps To Play?

    A 1963 Fender Blackface Deluxe. It never leaves my house, because it's in pristine shape (so too nice to gig), but dammmmmm it sounds good. For grab and go I use a Blues Jr. For more serious venues, I'll use my Allen Accomplice, which sounds great and is allegedly based on the BF Deluxe...
  11. Rhythmisking

    Lather Me Up Dudes, Back In The Soapbar Game!

    Nice! I was watching and drooling over that one on Reverb...
  12. Rhythmisking

    Shorty Trem arms?

    I have the shorty "Gilmour" arms on all my Fenders, but haven't switched out any of my PRS' with trems...not sure why...:rolleyes: To me they make a trem more like a Bigsby; so better for a bit of 'wiggle' rather than full on pitch changes, which is what I use them for. The guitar player in my...
  13. Rhythmisking

    If you could change one thing about a PRS you own, what would it be?

    Lower frets on my Santana (my avatar guitar). There's probably a fret mill in it's future. Dunlop 6130 is my favorite fret wire.
  14. Rhythmisking

    What is 1 piece of gear you regret letting go of that is too expensive to replace now?

    The 1974 Telecaster that I traded for a Korean-made Ibanez in the 90's :rolleyes:
  15. Rhythmisking

    War on Xmas

    ...clearly this is a thread only winged-tuner aficionados can appreciate ...
  16. Rhythmisking

    Help me pick which Core model as first PRS

    With your music preferences, I'd say the McCarty 594 SC. For the most versatility in sounds, the Studio.
  17. Rhythmisking

    Private Stock Friday

    Never, ever seen figuring like this!
  18. Rhythmisking

    NDG (No PRS Content)...And Maybe Some News

    Yep. Old guy here. Two saxes, guitar, amp, pedalboard, stands for guitar and horns, bag of cords, power strip, music etc. back and forth to every practice (no dedicated practice space, so we rent by the hour) and gig...:rolleyes: I started with this band only playing soprano (sax) which is...
  19. Rhythmisking

    NGD: I Like Boyd Burst