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  1. Hugo Agogo

    PRS SE 22 Custom won’t intonate after plek

    You need to be fully recompensed for this. Be it by the owner himself, or him paying PTC to rectify this abortion. No way on this earth should you be out of pocket for this. FWIW, use a different tech in future.
  2. Hugo Agogo

    Old friend revisited

    That’s a stunner. id love to hear the sounds you can get out of it
  3. Hugo Agogo

    Question about Darkening Rosewood Fretboards

    Just watched a video on youtube, Monty’s Montypresso Relic wax. recently bought a 60’s roadworn Jazz Bass with Pao ferro board & had the same idea
  4. Hugo Agogo

    An interesting, but disturbing trend

    Honestly, I would love to have dinner with you and your lovely family. We will sort something out buddy.
  5. Hugo Agogo

    An interesting, but disturbing trend

    I have to agree with the OP In more ways than one. Also I think this has been blown out of proportion. He is a good member who was expressing his views. And a very kind member. This is a forum for musicians, not politicians. I don’t do politics. I have spent thousands, and I mean tens of...
  6. Hugo Agogo

    NUGD: Narrowfield Content Inside

    Nice guitar buddy. keep us posted.
  7. Hugo Agogo

    Can you "split" Narrowfield pickups?

    Well this one has definitely opened a can of worms. An amazing pickup. Single coil twang without sounding like a dentist’s drill ! Should you mod it ? I wouldn’t, but all due respect to the people who want to. I look forward to hearing more about this one
  8. Hugo Agogo

    Hiking Shoes/Boots

    I have Merrells. Love them
  9. Hugo Agogo

    NF3 vs Swamp Ash Special NF

    Is that message meant for me.
  10. Hugo Agogo

    NF3 vs Swamp Ash Special NF

    We Really great information you’ve found there. Thanks for your update.
  11. Hugo Agogo

    NF3 vs Swamp Ash Special NF

    And fretboard radius.
  12. Hugo Agogo

    NF3 vs Swamp Ash Special NF

    Yes. Makes sense. Wide string spacing but a slimmer or wider neck.
  13. Hugo Agogo

    NGD OG SAS Swamp Ash Special

    Wowzer’s ! Really nice guitar. Enjoy
  14. Hugo Agogo

    Private Stock Friday

    Really stunning. The level of craftsmanship is amazing. It’s engineering with wood. I love it. Art.
  15. Hugo Agogo

    NF3 vs Swamp Ash Special NF

    Many thanks buddy. I now know what I have. Pattern Regular. Or a standard, or a regular. I read your post about it and finally understand the neck dimensions. Great post
  16. Hugo Agogo

    NF3 vs Swamp Ash Special NF

    Thanks for a great post. The SAS you have is what put them on the radar for me. I got a 25th Anniversary after seeing one. The hang tag says the neck is STD, which I presume is pattern. I’ve put 9.5-44s on it and it’s effortless over the whole neck. Really clean and full tone. I can’t believe...
  17. Hugo Agogo

    Get your straps out

    Yeah I’ll definitely try searching for one. Lovely strap. I don’t hold too much hope though ! Would be a nice accompaniment for my 25th Anniversary SAS.
  18. Hugo Agogo

    Get your straps out

    Your white 25th Anniversary strap has to be a collector’s item ! I never knew that they existed. Very nice. I want one
  19. Hugo Agogo

    Rosie Frater Taylor

    I’m going to see her on Thursday. Check her out. It doesn’t get much better than her.
  20. Hugo Agogo

    Show us your PRS!