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  1. John

    What pickup do you use in your acoustic?

    Late post but Nissan Frontier. Also the K&K. Just plug and play- that works for me.
  2. John

    There Was A Composer From...

    Arby's for lunch. Arby's for dinner in this fetid hellscape. There are no winners. Arby's tomorrow. Arby's today. Nothing is certain but death and decay.
  3. John

    What Are Your Favorite Amps To Play?

    Mine is still the Archon 100, even after trying out a few other things on the side. Plenty tight enough on its own, but not to the point of robbing some of that "massive" kind of vibe as far as driven tones are concerned. Also works great with pedals if that's how you roll. That being said...
  4. John

    What do you think is the best song ever..

    4'33" by John Cage
  5. John

    Show Us YOUR Youtube Vids, Soundcloud, Band Webpage Links, Etc...

    Thanks for the kind words, Jason. I appreciate that. Also, I feel the same way about gameplay throughout some stuff within the franchise even as a relatively late entrant into the series as a whole. The N64 and Wii/Gamecube stuff doesn't have today's state of the art graphics and other bells and...
  6. John

    Show Us YOUR Youtube Vids, Soundcloud, Band Webpage Links, Etc...

    Submission from awhile back. This was my attempt to try some orchestral stuff and incorporate that into some music I was recording.
  7. John


    From what I've seen (and as far as I'm concerned), it's mainly the scalpers and those drinking said Kool-Aid before they name their price. They can get bent. Case in point: "No lowballers, I know what I've got."
  8. John

    Anybody else wishing for more opaque finishes?

    A few more opaque finishes, along with laying off some of the bursts here and there, would be a nice change of pace. I, for one, am also a fan of the some older finishes PRS used to offer among their core guitars.
  9. John

    Another episode of amp guy vs. modeler guy!

    I find there's a time and place for both. There's no reason why either one can't sound great, and there's no reason why I ought to limit myself to one vs the other. Besides, the whole amp modeling bit has made strides over the last several years, especially in regards to convenience. There's...
  10. John

    Show Us YOUR Youtube Vids, Soundcloud, Band Webpage Links, Etc...

    Holiday submission:
  11. John

    Photos, let's see 'em

  12. John

    What's your favorite PRS to play.

    My CE-24 and my first Custom 24 on account of the sentimental value attached.
  13. John

    Need a new wireless...

    I've used the Shure GLX, and it never failed me. Not the cheapest one on the market, but it's worth it.
  14. John

    Prs archon 50 head hard rock tone!

    I don't do anything particularly extreme with the settings, but one thing that ought to be asked is what cab are you using? I tend to use an older MESA cab, but there's no reason why it can't work out with other well-built closed back cabinet with some good speakers.
  15. John

    Photos, let's see 'em

  16. John

    Favorite guitar cab?

    Mesa Rectifier cabs have been my gold standard of sorts, for years. I use the traditional version. Regarding speakers, tough to go wrong with the old V-30's.