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  1. Xtcclassic

    2nd PRS recommendation

    Another vote for the Vela.
  2. Xtcclassic

    Anyone ever put P-90's in their Vela?

    Understood. No hacking involved though as long as you go with humbucker-sized P-90’s like I did with mine. But ultimately it just depends on the type of guitar you’re looking for. I prefer the Vela, but I have absolutely nothing against the SE Soapbar. I still long for an SE One. One of these days.
  3. Xtcclassic

    Mystery '98 Ce22 FSR??????

    Whale blue definitely existed in the 90’s.
  4. Xtcclassic

    Anyone ever put P-90's in their Vela?

    Great guitar but totally different than a Vela. The bridge alone on the Vela makes it a totally different animal, not to mention the nitro finish.
  5. Xtcclassic

    Anyone ever put P-90's in their Vela?

    Not sure about that. At least not on the bridge pickup.
  6. Xtcclassic

    Anyone ever put P-90's in their Vela?

    I had these pickups in a CE-22 and they definitely sound different in the Vela. They were big and thick and clear in the CE-22, in the Vela they are lively and airy and chimey and have a bit more snarl. I also play a Les Paul Special from time to time and while the Vela is a bit closer in tone...
  7. Xtcclassic

    No Soapbars. Hmmm...

    If they made a satin S2 version of the SE One I might just die from pure joy.
  8. Xtcclassic

    Anyone ever put P-90's in their Vela?

    I’m too stubborn to start an Imgur account or whatever you have to do just to post pics here but if you’re in the PRS Guitar Owners Worldwide group on Facebook, I posted a pic there. Might be this weekend before I can record a sound clip. <——that’s a pic of it right there though Oh and I got the...
  9. Xtcclassic

    Anyone ever put P-90's in their Vela?

    I just did it a few weeks ago. The neck pickup cavity is routed to fit a humbucker so any humbucker sized P-90 will do the trick. I went with Harmonic Design Z90’s. Sounds incredible and didn’t lose the Vela mojo.
  10. Xtcclassic

    PRS S2 Standard: 22 frets vs 24 frets, gloss vs satin finish

    I would go 22 fret satin every time. The satin finish is glorious (but it will relic easily) and the pattern regular neck is perfect (especially with the satin finish). If you like to keep your guitars looking new then get the gloss 22.
  11. Xtcclassic

    So I got a great deal on an S2 standard 22...this makes 3!!

    Where did you see pics of the factory aged satin finish? Or just naturally worn examples? I’ve only seen one pic of a beat up satin finish and it looked like the finish had just flaked off.
  12. Xtcclassic

    PRS CE Models 00's 10's 20's Comparisons?

    This is 100% correct. The older CE’s are core-level instruments and are superior to the new ones in pretty much every way. Not knocking the new ones, they’re still great guitars. But the older ones are zero-compromise core-level guitars.
  13. Xtcclassic

    CE-22 Wide thin neck?

    I sold PRS guitars for years (1996-2012), and while the wide thin was certainly no Ibanez shredder neck, it was noticeably thinner than the wide fat neck, enough for me to know as soon as I picked one up which neck it had. Maybe the tag is wrong, or maybe you just got a thinner wide fat than...
  14. Xtcclassic

    CE-22 Wide thin neck?

    The wide thin neck was definitely available on the CE22, I guess it’s possible that the tag is wrong but it’s pretty unlikely. Also possible but not likely is that a previous owner swapped the neck.
  15. Xtcclassic

    Vela S2 Semi Hollow Pick Up Ideas?

    I have a Power’Tron bridge and a K-line Firebird neck in mine, great combo.
  16. Xtcclassic

    Vela Lovers… Help

    Wait why is this thread in the Amplifiers section?
  17. Xtcclassic

    Vela Lovers… Help

    I’m not a fan of birds on a Vela but that gold finish more than makes up for it.
  18. Xtcclassic

    If you could change one thing about a PRS you own, what would it be?

    I gutted mine when I replaced the pickups. Upgraded to CTS pots, Switchcraft jack, vintage style braided wiring, and upgraded caps and treble bleed.
  19. Xtcclassic

    Pickguard recomm for S2 standard mahogony finish '15

    Nice single ply black pickguard or the right tortoise shell would probably look best.
  20. Xtcclassic

    I got bored and decided my CE22 could use a facelift

    Looking good! You should consider replacing the knobs with amber ones.