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  1. Dirty_Boogie

    McCartys... Let's see 'em!

    Thank you Les, I appreciate that!
  2. Dirty_Boogie

    McCartys... Let's see 'em!

    But the question is... why? Aftermarket, these tuners aren't cheap, and there was no good reason to remove them from the model. It's not like, "hey, we need to make this guitar as period-correct as possible", when it's not a replica of a 50's era guitar. /* minor rant over */ ;-)
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    McCartys... Let's see 'em!

    It's the Curl of the Burl!
  4. Dirty_Boogie

    McCartys... Let's see 'em!

    Thanks! Just a "plain" old non-10 top off-the-shelf McCarty. ;) In my opinion, this was the perfect Mc - Phase III locking tuners and intonatable bridge. Not sure I understand the changes to the current generation - seems like a step backward.
  5. Dirty_Boogie

    McCartys... Let's see 'em!

    My 2017 - love everything about it! Had cream rings and switch tip (shown in bottom pic) but recently switched to black. The black plastics "modernized" the look of the guitar, whereas the cream plastics more of a classic look. I like both versions :)
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    Uncovered 58/15 LT

    A hair dryer on the top of the bobbins for a few seconds is typically all you need to melt the wax to wipe it off.
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    OLD NEWS - PRS in the 80's

    Very interesting - thanks for posting. What ever happened with the proposed collaboration with Kramer, for lower price point PRS guitars in the ‘80s? Also, anyone ever tried a quick “flick of a rotary” switch? ;)
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    How do you make a guitar that sustains on every note?

    My background is degrees in electrical, and industrial engineering. Now in software… no educated opinions on the topic at hand ;)
  9. Dirty_Boogie

    How do you make a guitar that sustains on every note?

    Very interesting observations and analyses. What is your professional background? Materials science? As an engineer, I love reading these types of posts.
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    How do you make a guitar that sustains on every note?

    All of my PRS guitars ring/sustain beautifully. And all of them have one dead-spot on the neck that kill a note faster than a noise gate. As some have alluded to here, some (many?) guitar builders/manufacturers tend to over-exaggerate certain traits of the materials they use and their finished...
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    Fake PRS 513?

    Get the fak outta here!
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    PRS Pedals - who's got the trio? (date-stamp Jan 2023)

    I only have the Horsemeat. Honestly, nothing special to my ears. At this point, there are so many good drive pedals that it’s hard to say that one is exceptional. I got it at the same time as getting one of the Victory Amps preamp pedals… the Victory is a permanent fixture on my board now. Since...
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    What (guitar related) did Santa bring?

    Nothing. And I forced myself not to buy anything. Had stuff “in the cart” a few times this past week, but didn’t pull the trigger. Overseas family vacation, and parents in need of care took precedence.
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    Installing Pickup Ring Springs - What’s the Secret?

    The problem I was having (that prompted this thread) was that the replacement rings PRS sent me were incorrect - the bridge ring was much “taller” than the original on my MyCarty. The implication was that when I put the mounting screw through the hole, there was effectively less screw thread...
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    Installing Pickup Ring Springs - What’s the Secret?

    Thanks - good info. I found a couple of similar links on YouTube. The biggest issue is that in addition to the strings being really long, they are so much stiffer than other springs I've worked with. Will give it another try...
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    Installing Pickup Ring Springs - What’s the Secret?

    Trying to replace my McCarty pup rings, and am finding it impossible to compress the springs enough to thread the screw into pups. Like, I’m either going to gouge the rings with the screwdriver, or lose an eye when the spring shoots out. What’s the secret to getting the pickups mounted to the...
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    what was the first Rock POWER Ballad?

    Changes by Black Sabbath
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    I Have The Best Tone In The Universe.

    You might have the best tone in the universe, but mine sounds like Uranus (… cue the sophomoric laughter ;))
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    Name 5 Guitarists you’d love to see convert to PRS

    Mark Knopfler - a classy guitarist needs a classy guitar
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    Got banned from TGP, have no idea why...

    I'd take offense to that. I get so motion sick on yachts that I find the mere mention of the word "yacht" offensive! ;)