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  1. Chuckblues

    More Clips, Less Talk

    New Tune ! Been off the radar for a while
  2. Chuckblues

    What setup did you start out with?

    I started off with a one pickup Pyramid guitar . Horrible action and a Trend amp with an eight inch speaker !
  3. Chuckblues

    Show your pedal boards here!

    Bought a two pack of shelves from Ikea as a frame for my pedal board ! Gave the second one to my nephew for his . Just add velcro and rubber feet and voila !
  4. Chuckblues

    What do y'all do for a living?

    I have nothing but the utmost respect for the difficult job that you do !
  5. Chuckblues

    What do y'all do for a living?

    Retired from finance office of a private school !
  6. Chuckblues

    Where are you?

    I live in Rawdon Quebec Canada . About 100 km north of the beautiful city of Montreal !
  7. Chuckblues

    Show your SE!

    My SE's Both the Bernie & the Santana have Bare Knuckles pups in them . The Soapbar II is stock !
  8. Chuckblues

    NGD & NAD - Experience

    I would love to have that combination of guitar and amp in my studio at home ! Congrats my friend !
  9. Chuckblues

    Forum Truss Rod Cover designs and votes

    When is the final vote and the ordering happening ? Please take my money !
  10. Chuckblues

    NGD - McCarty from Experience

    Beautiful ! I'm jealous !
  11. Chuckblues

    Too Late For Love - Lexington Lab Band

    Congrats ! Your band does an excellent job on Def Leppard ! Do you do any original material ?
  12. Chuckblues

    Studio TV YouTube Channel

    Les I would subscribe in a minute ! Interested in the studio in relation to guitar recording . All kinds . Acoustic instruments as well as electric !
  13. Chuckblues

    Regular production McCarty 594?

    I don't see two volumes & tones nor the toggle on the left horn !
  14. Chuckblues

    NAD: The Paisley Mistress

    Nice one Andy ! Congrats !
  15. Chuckblues

    need help again......

    ruk777 Is that a Traynor Custom Reverb in the back ? I wish I hadn't sold mine !
  16. Chuckblues

    Do you prefer SE or Core series?

    I have a Stripped 58 an SE Bernie An SE Santana & a SE Soapbar II . The 58 is amazing but the Bernie & Santana get played a lot too . I do a lot of recording and the Soapbar is for P90 type things . Yes the 58 is pretty , but I love them all !
  17. Chuckblues

    Double NGD!

    Love those Bernie's ! Congrats ! Enjoy !
  18. Chuckblues

    Help me pick which Truss Rod Covers to Submit...

    Love the first four !
  19. Chuckblues

    More Clips, Less Talk

    Hi Les I actually used a Fender Blues Jr and a Catalinbread Dirty Little Secret , I miced it with an SM 57 . I actually prefer a FatBoy ribbon mic as I seem to get better results with it ! The point is well taken !
  20. Chuckblues

    Who are you most excited about at Experience 2016?

    If I were going . I'd love to see Bernie Marsden !