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  1. FunkyFreeman

    Archon, Which One?

    During honeymoon period of owning my v.1 Archon 50, I was exiting with it's spectacular lows-mids which sound huge than most high gain amps I've ever played with. But as time goes by, I began to reallize I couldn't live with such tone forever and this couldn't be my main amp so I'm selling it...
  2. FunkyFreeman

    Why did you choose the hollowbody you did, and if it's the 594, do you wish you had a piezo?

    I chose this HB Spruce for many reasons I haven't foreseen, seriously. First of all, its acoustic tone is very, very different than many HB II guitars I've tried - the Spruce version is definitely louder, thicker, warmer, you name it. My eyes even got widen up as I heard it driven hard through...
  3. FunkyFreeman

    What is your favorite amp?

    Previously the Archon, but currently in honeymoon period with Mesa Triple Crown. There's nothing wrong with the Archon. Just getting tired of lows-mids-emphasis characteristics of the amp. The TC somewhat has much brighter tone which complements Disturbed-ish style I like bettter IMHO.
  4. FunkyFreeman

    Over spend on an SE? Lol, check out mine!!

    Overspend? I believe my SE SVN is one of the most costly spending in this forums, probably in the world. I think the terms 'overspend' depends on individual's perspective, really. For me, I bought a brand new SVN and it has become by 'test subject' for more than 3 years. Tons of experiment have...
  5. FunkyFreeman

    Question re 2018 PRS Hollowbody II Piezo

    In 2018, the LT pups were only spec'd for 594 guitars while the HB were equipped with non-LT version (a bit hotter on the bridge position). The HB got LT pups sometimes in 2019.
  6. FunkyFreeman

    Phase III Tuners with single cuts

    Short answer; yes. But there'll be visible fooprints leftover from the stock vintage tuners which have larger base area. Someone here has post photos of his experiment but I don't remember who.
  7. FunkyFreeman

    Fiore thoughts?

    Tried a couple of them - different guitars through different amps done in two different days. How I think? Hmm... - The guitar looks nice, and to be frank, lots nicer to me than Silver Sky. The black hollow birds on maple board look stunning. The neck shape feels similar to Pattern regular but...
  8. FunkyFreeman


    This might be late to the party but I'd like to share my experience as it maybe useful to others. I used Bugera PS-1 as my first tube amp volume-taming device, which, after first couple of hours of initial use I sold it right away as this thing sucked my amp tone drastically - loss of highs...
  9. FunkyFreeman

    Singlecut vs. Singlecut-Trem body thickness? Same or different?

    SC Trem body is about 51-52mm. - much thinner than original SC. Simply put the SC Trem thickness is more like an original McCarty model.
  10. FunkyFreeman

    PRS Hollowbody Appreciation Thread- or the Love of “Less is More”

    My one and only PRS hollow guitar - McCarty Hollowbody Spruce. I've tried several HB II (maple back and top) before and never felt right with them since they completely lacked lows. But this spruce varient is very different - it has sweet low-mids that takes gain really well so I ended up with...
  11. FunkyFreeman

    PRS McCarty and 594 Fret Question

    Been using 594's for more than a year and yes, I noticed that the frets on this model were flattened down but I must say I haven't experienced any issues at all, even though I prefer McCarty's taller frets. IMHO the height of frets won't be an issue as long as the guitar is set up well enough...
  12. FunkyFreeman

    What’s your favourite control layout?

    594 (excluding Thinline version).
  13. FunkyFreeman

    Humbucker Pole spacing SE245?

    I've been told, both officially and inofficially that standard PRS spacing is 50 mm. so whenever I replace pups on my PRSs I've always ordered only 50 mm. option and they looked fine when installed. But one day I ordered a pair of 50 mm. covers made by Seymour Duncan to fit in my SE 245 like...
  14. FunkyFreeman

    Help with Private Stock Archtop II info

    Mike mostly used MC Archtop Spruce back in the day, including in the Morning View Session. I also read somewhere that he has PRS customized the pickups to be a bit hotter than stock. I remember his remarkable driven tone of his Archtops and would like to share with you that a McCarty Hollowbody...
  15. FunkyFreeman

    New HDRX Amps

    Ahh I got it. The HX name is identical to the name of those famous multi-effects out there. How come I don’t realize this earlier, my bad… :p
  16. FunkyFreeman

    New HDRX Amps

    Wondering how this new HDRX differ from recently-debuted HX amps? The HX seems to be replaced with HDRX on the website. Anyone has any insight of this sudden update? o_O
  17. FunkyFreeman

    Archtop Demo

    Love your demo and I've shared it on FB. I think the video was shot simply using camera mic. Am I correct?
  18. FunkyFreeman

    Archtop Owners

    Wow..:D Thanks a lot!
  19. FunkyFreeman

    Archtop Owners

    Very interesting as I've heard some said they heard the difference. I'd like to try to compare both models for myself but the chance is so rare. Just out of my curiousity, does the AT's 4-inch-depth body discomfort you when playing for longer than an hour? I never played a guitar that thick...
  20. FunkyFreeman

    Favorite boosts/ODs with Archon?

    Despite already having great dity tone, I think Archon will shines even better with a nice od pedal in front of it. After many od pedals have come and gone, I think I prefer Free The Tone SOV Matt Scofield the most for being incredibly organic, tube-like overdriven tone. Recently sold the SD...