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    NGD X 3: Some New Findings

    Here are 3 new guitars I have picked up over the last several weeks. One directly from Brian of Brian's Guitars that would be the MEQ. The other indirectly from a used sale, but it was part of Brian's DGT Wood Library collection. So I have to give Brian a big shoutout for picking great guitars...
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    NGD......DW on the Loose!

    Here is my new Dusty Waring, not in Waring Burst but Black Gold. To me, this is PRS at it's finest. I know some of you will think I am crazy but I am going to probably put a shine on her, it will make the finish pop more. I'll post more pics then.
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    How long does it usually take for a repair/refinish at the PTC?

    I was given an estimate of 12 weeks for a partial refinish. Is that normal? I though many guys have mentioned their instruments were a month or two max at the PTC, but not 3 months. Wow!
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    What can be ordered with a core line model?

    I have never ordered a PRS and I was wondering what exactly can you order with a core line guitar? Can I order the fret size, Floyd, wiring? I am sure you can order all of this with a Private Stock model, but how much can be ordered with a core line model, besides color and an Artist package?
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    Artist V or Modern Eagle Quartro?

    I am jonesing for both of these but can only get one. I see a lot more Modern Eagles used than Artist V's. Which one do you prefer and why?
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    Can I Join the Party?

    I am a long time reader but first time poster. I have been collecting PRS just about since they came out. I had stopped playing about fifteen years ago, but I am now back playing again. I always wanted more than the 2 main PRS guitars I have kept throughout the years, so I have recently acquired...