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    SE HB2P Truss Rod Wrench size?

    I know that most of the PRS SE guitars use a 7mm wrench ... but the SE Hollowbodies are made in a different factory, so I just want to confirm that's the right size, not the 5/16ths used on US guitars or anything else? Thanks!
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    Pickup replacements for SE Chris Robertson

    Hey all! Getting an HB2 has reminded me both how much I like the looks and feel of my Chris Robertson, but also how much the pickups are just not giving me what I want. Those pickups really seem like they just want to give you "more" - the p90 is a massive wall of sound and the bridge has a...
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    The Eternal Question: How many watts?

    So I've been eyeing a Bassbreaker for a little while and suspect it's about time to make the leap from my hybrid VoxAV30. I like that amp, but, you know, at some point we all have to dive in to some real pure tube goodness, right? But I find myself stuck between the 15 and the 30r. Most of my...
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    SE Hollowbody IIs and humidity

    I live in Los Angeles, so the humidity rarely gets THAT low, but it's been in the 30s all day today and has dipped (very briefly) as low as 25 a few days ago. For my acoustic, I have a sound hole humidifier - one of the little sponge things in a plastic hanger. I generally don't worry about...
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    Anybody put 9s on an SE HBII?

    My old Strat copy has 9s, and my SE Chris Robertson has 9s ... and I'm definitely noticing the extra tension of the 10s on the SE HBII. I notice that pRS puts 9s on all their SEs except the HBs, so I wonder if there's a reason for that? Is the thicker string driving the top more, helping create...
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    Stuck saddle.

    One of the saddles in my PRS SE HB ii Piezo won't move. Anybody have any advice for how to free it? It is a Piezo saddle, if that makes a difference - I obviously don't want to mess anything up. All of the other saddles move easily.
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    SE HBii Piezo Bridge/Intonation question

    So I'm loving my SE HBii - very very happy with it - but the action was a little high. Okay, no biggie, easy enough to drop the bridge a little. So now I've got to check my intonation. And I honestly don't know what the standards are, what I should expect. But I've got two issues: First, my...
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    What amp are you running your SE HB through ... and why?

    I'm definitely gassing for something (if it's an amp, does that mean I'm aassing?). Was playing the new SE HB2 Piezo through a Marshal DSL40 at the shop, and, uh ... that's tempting, but I don't know if I want something that heavy. That's a lot of amp, even if it does step down to 20w. (The...
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    NDG: SE HBii Piezo goodness

    So, I had to drive my car a bit to get the drive cycle to kick over so I could get it smog checked, and I thought, oh, hey, there's that nice small guitar store down in Manhattan Beach that's a PRS dealer. I'm supposed to drive the car and let it sit for half an hour, so I'll put on my N95 and...
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    How would you describe the sonic difference between:

    I know, this is an impossible question. Nevertheless, I'm interested on how people with more experience than me describe the difference of the sound between the following: (Please assume that all else is equal.) Hard tail vs trem. Long scale length vs. short Hollowbody vs solid body...
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    How do you choose a compressor?

    I'm thinking of adding a compressor to my board. I tend to be a fairly bluesy player, so I don't really want too much compression, and I like relying on my tubes to compress my signal without taking away feel (playing mostly in a vintage-marshall mid-gain kind of space), but I'd love to add one...
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    Help me decide: S2 594 or SE HB2 Piezo

    So I'm feeling the itch, and I've been drooling over these two guitars, alternatively, for quite a few months now. I tend to play clean to mid-gain (think overdriven vintage marshall at the dirtiest), from singer-songwriter folk to jam bands. I like sweet, warm, round sounds, and tend to play...
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    Anybody put coil taps in the SE Hollowbody Piezo yet?

    According to several videos, the pickups have the necessary wires. Would love to hear reports. Also, ballpark what's it cost to get that done?
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    SE nuts. How much difference does an upgrade make?

    Curious about those who have upgraded the nuts on your PRS SE guitars. I'm not crazy about the tuning stability on my compared to my acoustic, but my experience is more that acoustics have better tuning stability anyway. Did you notice much difference? What about in tone?
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    NGD: Chris Robertson SE

    So, it showed up - honestly just minutes after my previous post. I heard a rumble, looked outside "damn, that's a fedex truck, not a UPS one." While I was watching a UPS truck pulled up in front of the FEDEX one. Buying this guitar was a bit of a leap of faith. I've played about 3-4 SE 245s...
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    Players with both SEs and S2s ...

    How often do you play the SE? Do you find the S2 enough better that you never pick up the SE? Or do you feel like there SE brings enough to the table that it's still the guitar you want to pick up sometimes? Especially curious to hear from people who have similar guitars in both lines (e.g...
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    SE Chris Robertson sold out everywhere ...

    So I was hoping to go play one of these (I'm in LA, so lots of dealers) to decide if I liked it more than the Zach Myers. No go. Is this a common thing with a new SE? Anybody have any clue as to how long it takes for them to restock everyone when this happens?
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    Chris Robertson or ...

    So I'm looking to upgrade my electric rig, and the SE Chris Robertson has caught my eye. However, I'd love the opinion of more experienced PRS folks about how it might compare to other guitars. Yes, I know the best advice is "go play everything in your price range and pick the one you can't let...