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    How long does it usually take for a repair/refinish at the PTC?

    Well, 4 and a half months and counting. While I am not going to rush them, I will send an email out soon asking for an update. Heck there have been a couple of times I forgot I owned the guitar!
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    NGD! plus family shot

    Smokin' trio you have.
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    Mark Holcomb Ltd Edition

    Wow Rich you are killing it with you metal machines!
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    Mark Holcomb Ltd Edition

    Eddie's has a Faded Whale Blue......with a killer top.
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    NGD X 3: Some New Findings

    Thanks guys. I am getting down to my core guitars, which means those that are not on the selling block. Of the various PRS I have had here these are the guitars that most likely will stay........but then again we know how GAS goes......until I find better guitars.
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    NGDx2 plus....

    Nice guitars! That color on the Custom 24 is one of my favorite colors.
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    NGD X 3: Some New Findings

    Yes 53/10's are in the MEQ's. I love the neck sound more so than the bridge. Might switch it out for a Bare Knuckle.
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    NGD X 3: Some New Findings

    Hey that's my name Mike D. :D Thanks. Thanks, now get some Artist V's and some more nice 30th Anniversary models for me to buy! Here is the funny thing....the satin finish is what I like the least about the DW's. Not a big fan of satin guitars, I just like to see them shiny. It is taking...
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    NGD X 3: Some New Findings

    Here are 3 new guitars I have picked up over the last several weeks. One directly from Brian of Brian's Guitars that would be the MEQ. The other indirectly from a used sale, but it was part of Brian's DGT Wood Library collection. So I have to give Brian a big shoutout for picking great guitars...
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    NGD: Blood Orange Quilt CU24 30th - and then there were two!

    Smoking! I have to buy one of these 30th Aniv guitars.
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    NGD: P24 Black Gold Burst

    Nice guitar & amp combo!
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    MAJOR changes to my signature very soon!!!

    Glad I snagged that one. The MEQ might be my favorite guitar. Well you are my hero, because I can tell my wife that there are others out there that make me look like an light guitar shopper.
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    MAJOR changes to my signature very soon!!!

    You bought the best guitars Brian had in stock! I was eying the 30th Anniversary too, but bought the MEQ instead. Wow you are the man. That MCSC is awesome.
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    MAJOR changes to my signature very soon!!!

    I am waiting to see this too! Any more hints?
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    Mark Holcomb Ltd Edition

    If it's any consolation to you Holcomb guys, I think the DW's are finishing their run, so it shouldn't be long before we see the Holcombs.
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    NGD Dustie Waring Custom 24

    Congrats. Great looking DW! I just got mine too from Sweetwater.
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    My First PRS just arrived.. uh.. WOW!

    Really nice. I want one too!
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    NBGD: Firebreathing Custom 24

    Wow nice, didn't see that one on Brian's, that would have been tempting.
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    One week in...

    Yeah sales tax is what killed the deal......even though they were going to give me a substantial discount. The problem is tax was going to eat some of that discount. Maybe I will go through Private Reserve instead.
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    One week in...

    I am really into these. I was going to get one of these in Charcoal from GC but the deal fell through.