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    Used SE AND S2 or a CE

    Like the title say would you rather have an SE and an S2 standard or a CE ( older or current model)? Or all 3 of the aforementioned guitars or an older core (production model)? Yes this is the age old question of multiple less expensive guitars or one more expensive guitar. In this case the...
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    If there could be only one....

    Just a bit of fun while we wait for the election results. What would be your one guitar model to rule them all doesn't have to be PRS just nothing like 59LP, 62 Strat, Paul's Number 1,(out of production ultra rare, liberated from a secured vault etc). Try to stay in whatever a realistic price...
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    PRS Used Market?

    Anyone else notice the used market seems to be even or within like $150 for older core, older CE and newer CE and even S2’s are right there too? Just looking at GC used pages and it looks like all of these models can be had for between $950 and $1500. I think I paid $1200 that for an older...
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    Is There a PRS and Chapman Expert in Da House

    Okay so I’m an S type guitar player and I’m not really interested in CS, Silver Sky, DC3, NF3 or Suhr. I was interested in the PRS 305 but then I stumbled across (internet stumbled across) the Chapman ML1 Pro and it looks like maybe Rob may have been inspired by the 305 in the latest version of...
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    Buying an S2 but which one?

    Buying an S2 Vela in Satin but can't decide between the SH and the solid body. I play blues rock mostly.
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    Older McCarty or Paul's Guitar Se

    So I asked this in another thread that was started by some else specifically about Paul's Guitar SE and got the general a well kept core even a 20 year old core is going to beat even a $1000 SE every time. I understand that but I'd like to follow up and ask, which would you choose and why if...