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    Finally bought my first PRS.

    Congrats! I've got a Paul's Guitar SE and it's become my favorite over my much more expensive guitars. It's super versatile, great humbucker and single coil tones.
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    “Paul’s” Guitar…….Who has one? Are you in love…….Mine is here!!!!!!! NGD!

    Here's my SE Paul's guitar. It has quickly become my favorite guitar, and I own several that are worth way more $$$>
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    PRS SE 22 Custom won’t intonate after plek

    San Fernando Valley- Renson Guitars North Hollywood, Eric's Guitar Shop Van Nuys. Both are very good.
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    TCI pickups don't exist ...... say what ??

    Thanks for posting the specs of the TCI-S pickups. I bought an SE Paul's guitar, and have read articles that state the pickups' DCR is over 11k ohms. In the article they wonder why the tone of the pickups is more vintage-like, and I questioned the accuracy of the specs they quoted. The SE Paul's...
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    First PRS was delivered today and I'm considering my options...

    I'm glad it had a happy ending. I love my SE Paul's guitar, the pickups are amazing.
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    Looking at PRS SE Paul's Guitar

    I bought the Guyker locking tuners to replace the really poor stock tuners in my SE Paul's guitar. It's really something they should upgrade considering how good the rest of the guitar is. That said, for $30, the Guykers are decent. Not the smoothest, but ok. The ferrules are a bit larger in...
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    Pickups in SE Hollowbody Piezo vs S2 594

    Love my SE Paul's guitar in faded blue burst.