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  1. Steve Dombroski

    Private Stock Friday

    Hmmm, what bridge is going on that orange hollowbody?
  2. Steve Dombroski

    John Mann Vintage Locking Tuners

    Hey Julian. I actually just installed these on my 594, and they were a direct match/fit (they are PRS tuners). Easy install and they work and sound great.
  3. Steve Dombroski

    PRS McCarty and 594 Fret Question

    Bumping this for more feedback!
  4. Steve Dombroski

    PRS McCarty and 594 Fret Question

    Hey everyone. I have a general question on the fret wire on the McCarty and the McCarty 594. What's everyone's consensus on the slightly flattened nature of it? I always thought a fret should have a crown and that flattened fret wire could create some intonation and buzzing issues. What...
  5. Steve Dombroski

    Silver Sky refret - anything to know before I get it done

    I had my Silver Sky refretted with Jumbos. It can be done and I think it makes the guitar way better.
  6. Steve Dombroski

    All things must pass

    Whoa.... @[email protected] , man...this is a shock. However, I'm pumped for you man. I'm excited that you're excited. I do want to take moment and say "thank you" for everything you've done for me over the past years. You've helped to bring me closer to the brand and treated me like a friend...
  7. Steve Dombroski

    NUGD Private Stock Steve Fischer Angelus

    wowww...loving the combination of moons and birds.
  8. Steve Dombroski

    Dead spots on CU24 guitars

    I must have lucked out. My custom 24s do not suffer from this. However, they are hard tail 24s...maybe that helps o_O
  9. Steve Dombroski

    Warranty Qs

    start by emailing PRS customer service. They will get you squared away. Good people there.
  10. Steve Dombroski

    Hugely disappointed

    Great point! That makes a ton of sense.
  11. Steve Dombroski

    Hugely disappointed

    I think you hit the nail on the head about "simplifying production". No Custom 22's either. I would be willing to bet that due to COVID, they are scrambling to catch up on production. People didn't stop ordering guitars during the pandemic, but PRS couldn't make them either. I'm sure they...
  12. Steve Dombroski

    What's Coming in 2021?

    I'm with you. I've been able to grab a couple over the years, but I've been campaigning PRS to add this as an option for the longest time. They didn't sell well in the 90s and early 2000s, but everyone wanted trems back then. I think guitarists have changed and if you're a modern guitarist...
  13. Steve Dombroski

    So what’s NEW for PRS IN 2021? Just curious!!!

    more stoptail options. this is my only wish.
  14. Steve Dombroski

    PRS Pulse Artist for 2021

    Thanks everyone. And yes, this is a very good thing. Just another reason why PRS continues to be the best guitar company out there. Cheers to all of you and happy holidays!
  15. Steve Dombroski

    PRS Pulse Artist for 2021

    Shawn, I'm thrilled and grateful to have been included in this list. You guys have been amazing to work with and to finally officially represent the brand is a dream come true. I do wonder if more brands will take notice of what you guys are doing, because it's freakin' genius if you ask me...
  16. Steve Dombroski

    Private Stock Friday

    I spy, with my little eye, a very interesting prototype in the works.
  17. Steve Dombroski

    What's Coming in 2021?

    For the love of all that is holy, the OPTION, not the necessity, to have a stoptail Custom 24. Maybe as an artist package upgrade.
  18. Steve Dombroski

    LOVE my new PRS but ongoing tuning issues - need some help

    This is the exact reason I wish PRS would just make it an option to have a core custom 24 with a stoptail. Maybe someday.
  19. Steve Dombroski

    NGD - Something Thick

    I actually swapped the archtops out and put a Bareknuckle Stormy Monday in the neck and a Mule in the bridge in my Spruce Archtop. Holy hell, it sounds great. I would highly recommend those!