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  1. dsenoj

    Any users of the P22 out there? Edit…..I received it on Friday…. Such a great guitar

    I think PRS would like to reissue 5310s but they can't. They were discontinued because the wire used for the pickups is no longer available.
  2. dsenoj

    Did prs ever make a semi or hollowbody with a wide thin neck?

    You may already know this but the current CE-24 Semi-Hollow has a Pattern Thin neck which is the updated version of Wide Thin.
  3. dsenoj

    Photos, let's see 'em

    Looks like quite a device.
  4. dsenoj

    Think PRS will ever make a Tele?

    Alan, are you sure this hasn't happened already?
  5. dsenoj

    What grade top would you consider this C24?

    I think it's an Artist top.
  6. dsenoj

    Why is there not a maple fingerboard option for core models?

    PRS does still offer 10-top options. The website didn't show 10-top as an option for a while but it does now. The 2022 product catalog also shows it.
  7. dsenoj

    NGD & Introduction: PRS 35th Anniversary Custom 24

    I can see the photos when I right click then and say open in a new tab. Beautiful guitar. Certainly looks like McCarty Sunburst to me. I've seen 35th Anniversary and Custom 24-08 guitars with the neck pickup oriented both ways.
  8. dsenoj

    Paul about PRS built per year!

    And I think that was 115 Maryland made guitars per day. Which includes S2 and Bolt-On guitars along with Core.
  9. dsenoj

    John Mayer SE

    I've seen in various places that PRSh doesn't like middle pickups by themselves so he wants the middle position to be bridge and neck instead of just middle. I never saw where John Mayer said that. I always thought the SS was just normal Strat switching and my 2018 SS is definitely middle...
  10. dsenoj

    PRS CE-24 w/black satin neck help ID

    I don't think it's whale blue or faded whale blue. They usually have a black back. Might be Blue Matteo. I've seen those with a natural back.
  11. dsenoj

    Screwed up my '21 Zach Myers this weekend

    I think the core truss rod covers fit on SE guitars just fine but with a very small gap between the TRC and the nut.
  12. dsenoj

    New PRS

    This one has a maple top. You can tell by the figure in the maple veneer.
  13. dsenoj

    Limited Edition SE Santana Abraxas

    I pulled up the web page hoping to see a demo video by Bryan Ewald. Not because I’m interested in the guitar, I just love to hear Bryan play. Oh well, no video.
  14. dsenoj

    Is this the sci-fi channel?

    What do the robots enter on the Capcha to indicate they are a robot?
  15. dsenoj

    Driftwood Beige S2 Color? Desert Metallic ?

    I've heard of some Core "custom color" guitars that PRS has no more info on the color.
  16. dsenoj

    Tremonti SE Wiring HELP has the wiring diagram of many PRS guitars including the SE Tremonti. I'm not an expert at wiring so I may be wrong on this. I think the diagram for the S2 Singlecuts may do what you want.
  17. dsenoj

    tuning issues and possible remedies for DGT

    This is not how it usually is with a DGT. It's a new guitar. Contact your dealer. Your dealer can send it to the PTC to fix any issues.
  18. dsenoj

    Tube Biasing an Archon 100

    Seems like a simple and reliable way to measure it. Wonder why most amplifier companies don't do this.
  19. dsenoj

    Finally ... I completed my pedalboard

    Maybe a permissions issue? You see them because you have permission but no one else can see them.
  20. dsenoj

    Sticker Shock

    In 2011, the PRS price list showed the MSRP price and not the MAP price. The MAP price was the price listed online by dealers. I found that the MAP price was usually about 60% of the MSRP price. I bought a new 2011 Custom 24 for just over $2600 in early 2011. I never understood why they...