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  1. Injam

    1994 PRS Custom 22 (a great result with pickup swap)

    I have not heard of Wolfetones. I replaced the pickups in my SE Singlecut with these I’m very happy with the tones coming out of my Mesa Boogie
  2. Injam

    Vintage PRS: 1985-1991 The Golden Years

    There is this watermark going through the photos. Makes it hard to see.
  3. Injam

    Long time; no post. Miss January 2013

    All flame maple tops are different but most of the time you have to have the guitars side by side to really see the differences. With that top you can spot it a mile away. I personally like it and if it was on a wall next to other flame top guitars I would be drawn to it more than the others...
  4. Injam

    Your Mount Rushmore

    Billy Gibbons Jimi Hendrix Abraham Lincoln George Washington
  5. Injam

    POLL: Post PRS guitar buying/browsing habits.

    I just go to the music store and play different guitars until I find one that I really like. I don’t care who makes it. Although I don’t pick up anything made in China. Because of COVID-19 and I don’t want to support a communist government.
  6. Injam

    Vaughn Skow Pickups for PRS Guitars

    Hello, Has anyone installed a set of Vaughn Skow pickups in their PRS guitar? If so do you like them? Are they of good quality? Please let me know what you think of them.
  7. Injam

    Very confused about my future and what I want to do when I grow up

    If you’re going to be an engineer be a civil engineer.
  8. Injam

    NGD My First PRS Guitar

    Thanks to all. Got an answer from PRS. There is no manual for my SE.
  9. Injam

    Very confused about my future and what I want to do when I grow up

    Hey dumb a$$ Spock being a science officer has nothing to do with the wisdom he is spouting. You obviously don’t have an engineering degree.
  10. Injam

    Nut swap/question

    If I remember correctly Paul had to destroy an entire planet filled with tall blue people in order to obtain the unobtanium.
  11. Injam

    Very confused about my future and what I want to do when I grow up

    Get your engineering degree. That will allow you to understand how things work and go together. Once that is done you can use that to get a job at a guitar repair shop. If you have an engineering degree that will put you at the head of the line over other potential employees wanting the same...
  12. Injam

    Check Out This Wonky Sh!t.

    These are strange as well:
  13. Injam

    NGD My First PRS Guitar

  14. Injam

    NGD My First PRS Guitar

    Thanks. How?
  15. Injam

    If You Only Had 1000 Dollars: SE vs S2?

    Yesterday I traded for a 2008 SE Singlecut. I highly recommend it. It has a beautiful flame maple top. I think the color is violin sunburst. But the best part is how those humbuckres sound through my Mesa Boogie.
  16. Injam

    NGD My First PRS Guitar Here are some photos. If it works that is.
  17. Injam

    What are you listening to right now?

    I’m not sure if this worked. But here are some photos of my PRS