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  1. kukumba

    Looking Forward to Monday - Book by a Forum member -

    A few months back I finished a book called Looking Forward to Monday - How You Can Rise Above Bad Bosses and Toxic Companies and Love Your Job. It's a book targeted to younger people just joining the workforce out of school to help them be as successful as possible. I know it's not strictly a...
  2. kukumba

    What happened to the PRS gig bag?

    I went looking to get a nice PRS gig bag from the online shop and noticed it's gone. What's up with that? I hope it's just that they are switching to a better made one. I need one of these.
  3. kukumba

    Loosen strings when storing guitars ...or not?

    I need some advice from you folks that have a few guitars. I have a few guitars which are properly stored in a air conditioned more or less humidity controlled environment. The problem is that my "collection" has grown over the many years that I have playing and I wonder if I should be leaving...
  4. kukumba

    Why PRS Guitars are so Good!

    I have been playing for close to 30 years and about 2.5 years ago I picked my first PRS. I was impressed and after thinking about for a few days I went back and bought that guitar. Since then I have bought a lot more PRS's and they all get played a lot. I have been thinking about it and here is...
  5. kukumba

    Sister Guitars

    About a year ago I came across a picture of a private stock that I just loved. Here it is: This guitar inspired me to order my first PS based on this awesome guitar. Brian Guitars set me up with this one: My point is, I wonder how many times this has happened and how many "sister"...
  6. kukumba

    Al D and DGT fret size

    Can Anyone tell me if the Al D and the DGT model have the same size frets? They look the same but with my old eyes I can't quite decide if they are the same. To me the DGT is slightly taller. Any Thoughts?
  7. kukumba

    Moden Eagle 1 Satin Finish Question

    Dear Gents, I recently bought a Modern Eagle 1 NOS in tiger yellow. It's an excellent guitar and I love it. My question is about the satin finish. The way I play I sometimes place a couple of fingers down on the guitar body between the pickups next to the high E string. In just playing for a...