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  1. Broseph

    Bareknuckle Mules vs PRS \m/ pickups on a custom 24 floyd

    Mules will get you some of that modern rock sound. They will cover most aside modern metals. If you plan on hanging down in the dungeons below standard C tuning then you may want to consider \m/, alpha/omegas, dusty warings (if you wish to support PRS or PRS artists), or of course, other Bare...
  2. Broseph

    Vela S2 Semi Hollow Pick Up Ideas?

    I’ve tried a few different bridges. Seems like I always come back to the stock. I have a power’tron in now but not committed to it. Lost some of that chimeness. The tv Jones reminds me of the 59/09. I’ve also played with some Fralin modern PAF but it overpowered the neck. I have other pickups...
  3. Broseph

    The Ideal Guitar Case - If Only!

    I love me the standard Strat/Tele case. But it doesn't fit a PRS. I wish I could swap out the molded insert
  4. Broseph

    Mark Holcomb SE Underrated

    Yeah. Older ones had plastic. I’m pleased that some of these signature SEs have their core level nut. And so far the tuners have been good. PRS nailed the look on this guitar. I would only suggest dropping the white fret binding to complete the blackout look.
  5. Broseph

    Mark Holcomb SE Underrated

    I’m not sure if it’s USA grade nut. I know the Zach myers has it nowadays. So far the nut seems fine. I’ll see how the tuners work. So far so good
  6. Broseph

    Mark Holcomb SE Underrated

    I decided it was beyond time to have a guitar dedicated for downtuning. So I got a brand new 2022 MH for a great price. Absolutely killer SE. I’d say it’s up there with the SS SE for killer value and incredible pickups. The fact it has $300 pickups stock is absolutely insane. The knock on SE...
  7. Broseph

    NUGD a true classic

    incredible. Is a a redwood top mellow or bright?
  8. Broseph

    PRS store limited sale of 85/15 and 58/15LT pickups!

    Is the price that suprising? Their other pickups range from 380-430 a set. Considering these are the latest and greatest i’m not surprised but what they are asking, especially for what the 58/15 LT resell for. I think it was real sweet that they released versions compatible with 5 ways...
  9. Broseph

    PRS store limited sale of 85/15 and 58/15LT pickups!

    Why no 58/15 TMs or 58/15 LT+ :confused:
  10. Broseph

    New to PRS… Choosing model.

    Well that’s terrible. Seller didn’t disclose that?
  11. Broseph

    TCI pickups don't exist ...... say what ??

    Paul for sure has magic pixie dust. He is a living and breathing guitar wizard after all. Nobody can convince me otherwise :cool:
  12. Broseph

    PRS store limited sale of 85/15 and 58/15LT pickups!

    Dang was hoping for some individual sales. Would certainly entertain a 58/15 LT bass and 85/15 treble combo.
  13. Broseph

    If you could change one thing about a PRS you own, what would it be?

    Remove the knob and undo the nut. Go into the control cavity and loosen the tone knob. Remove one of the washers that is at the base of the shaft. Re-install it. You should have a tone pot now that sticks up at Least 0.5-1 mm higher. Makes it much easier to grab
  14. Broseph

    NGD Custom 24 Wood Library

    I love the stability of a roasted maple. My preference when going for a maple neck strat. Rarely do I have to touch the truss rod! I could only imagine how that is on a PRS. Congrats
  15. Broseph

    PRS Explains Pickup Design - I was right!

    I get making the bass pickup as single coilish as possible. I doubt they aim for that in the treble. If I understand correctly TCI then infers that each pickup has been individually tested to meet their desired frequency standard? So despite looking physically the same it’s gone thru more...
  16. Broseph

    Is trampas green prone to fading?

    I saw it was discontinued. Seems like Eriza green glows/bursts/etc are the new green wonder
  17. Broseph

    ibanez prestige

    I’ve seen Axe Palace guys mention the insane amount of fret and nut work that must be done. Delays their ability to release these. Granted the store will spend the hours to fix them before selling. But that’s insane considering the price these are going for.
  18. Broseph

    Is trampas green prone to fading?

    Shhhh I don’t know what you speak of :cool: Kudos to PRS for putting birds with more hint of green in them.
  19. Broseph

    Is trampas green prone to fading?

    4 yr old model. No fading under the rings. And this was not a case queen with a lot of wear, surface scuffs/scratches, and hardware Patina. Seems like it was gigged with. I’m happy I acquired it earlier this year for a good deal. I don’t stress with keeping it perfect
  20. Broseph

    Vela changes since new

    I think they wanted to venture into the trendy offset world. And then opted for a hardtail option. I doubt it was artist related. More like entering the offset market