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  1. JustRob

    Haven’t posted this one for awhile. First Ziracote PRS

    Beautiful! Not sure what compelled me to look at guitars again, thought I was happy. Then I see that purple goddess and here comes the GAS again.
  2. JustRob

    The gift of guitar

    That's why I sold all my blue ones.
  3. JustRob

    T-Shirts Arrived Today!

    Wore mine to work today.
  4. JustRob

    Experience PRS 2020 Forum Shirt - Details Inside

    Got a bag of shirts today!!! Thank you Jesse!
  5. JustRob

    RIP - Frankie Clarke

    Damn. RIP Frankie. :(
  6. JustRob

    Virtual Experience 2020

    Wow. I thought I was bad because I still have 2 or 3 drink tickets from 4 years ago.... :p
  7. JustRob

    Virtual Experience 2020

    Lol... Makeup. Ok. I'll see your Gene and go as Peter. If you can get Shawn to go as Ace. ;)
  8. JustRob

    Virtual Experience 2020

    I'd be looking for any members who want to pregame tonight. Friends I haven't met yet, old friends who want to hang. Whoever's around. But maybe it's for the best since it's supposed to rain tomorrow and it's going to be unseasonably cold this weekend. Maybe the weather will be better for...
  9. JustRob

    Share how bad you were when you started out on guitar ...

    I still suck. But as I've aged I've learned to do it in more genres than metal.
  10. JustRob

    RIP Forum member, Ruger PC

    Bill was one of the guys who showed me how great this forum is. I was looking for a 2nd PRS since I had CU24 and was trying to find what I should look for next. He invited me to his house and let me try out his guitars. A relative stranger off the internet. He was an example of what great...
  11. JustRob

    NGD - I done'd a bad ting, George........

    Congrats! That's a beauty.
  12. JustRob

    Orianthi returns... for those who were asking

    Love the guitar, love the playing. Hate the hat.
  13. JustRob

    Experience PRS 2020 Forum Shirt - Details Inside

    Great job! Thanks Jesse!
  14. JustRob

    PRS News - Queen Anne's County Office of the Sheriff

    Or it might inspire others to find their own way of contributing... I guess if someone is just a negative ******** they can find misery and fault in even the most positive act. I prefer to applaud the move and consider it a challenge to find ways I can contribute and do something positive. You...
  15. JustRob

    NGD - McCarty 594 Semi Hollow Limited

    Congrats! Absolutely stunning!
  16. JustRob

    Maryland "Non-essential Business" Closure Today?

    They could get around the closing if they make guitars essential to national defense, but I'd like Shawn and the crew to stay safe and be there for us in the future.
  17. JustRob

    594 semi-hollow incoming... thoughts?

    I was looking for someone to talk me down from one I have visually fallen in love with. At this time all my PRSi are semi hollow and I feel I need a solid body. I hope yours is excellent. BUT..... Don't tell me that! :D
  18. JustRob

    NTPD (Boatwake Quilt?)

    Congrats! Please. No pics after you get it stained!
  19. JustRob


    Rob Halfway between Baltimore and Annapolis MD Sensors and Systems Tech at a radar factory. I fix things. I sometimes wonder if in "Heaven" everything works, or if that would be "Hell" with nothing to do.