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  1. DogPhishHead

    Very lightweight Silver Sky SE

    For those of us in the USA....... 1 kg = 2.2046 lbs Remember when we had to learn metric in junior high....cause, we'll be switching over to this soon....;)
  2. DogPhishHead

    NGD - B*tch-slapped By The Universe

    Congrats Alan! I saw that one on Friday when I stopped in to get a pedal in the used department. I also spent ten minutes drooling at the Hollowbody twirling in the glass PRS case. I was considering going to the auction, but opted to help the wife do some Christmas shopping. Being yesterday...
  3. DogPhishHead

    I Have The Best Tone In The Universe.

    Sorry Les…this is it
  4. DogPhishHead

    Anderton’s PRS interview

    Kind of wish Lee could have played the that Robben Ford through a Fender style amp, same with the pedals. The Hendrix amp is a one trick pony, geared for single coils. Great interview otherwise.
  5. DogPhishHead

    P&W guitars

    P&W = U2 Edge tones.......bathed in 'verb and delay. Nothing different just a buzz word for the past decade, imho.
  6. DogPhishHead

    P&W guitars

    Xotic RC Booster should solve your problem.
  7. DogPhishHead

    Name 5 Guitarists you’d love to see convert to PRS

    Oh...Dominic Miller....I could see a Paul's Guitar in his hands. Would sound perfect on Sting's material.
  8. DogPhishHead

    Name 5 Guitarists you’d love to see convert to PRS

    When Mayer teamed up with Paul in 2015, it was my introduction to PRS and changed my world. So…I’d love to see these guys take a PRS as there staple axe. Billy Strings Marcus King Derek Trucks Warren Haynes…I know, there is some history here Trey Anastasio….yeah, never would happen. Who are...
  9. DogPhishHead

    Looking for help with I.D. of SE custom 22 semi hollow mystery guitar

    Like this ? Blue Matteo
  10. DogPhishHead

    NGD! SE Starla

    Congrats ! Sweet looking guitar...and welcome to discovering Dave's "used" guitars ;)
  11. DogPhishHead

    NGD: 2001 Singlecut

    Sexy !!!
  12. DogPhishHead

    Grateful Dead all day

    It isn’t ? He’s what brought me to the party…that guy can play !
  13. DogPhishHead

    Goose Rig Rundown...Hollowbody II

    Seeing the tour in Pittsburgh
  14. DogPhishHead


    Nice ! I’ve to get to N Stuff to try the Horsemeat, and I’ve got little excuse as I’m renovating a bank in Harmar. I’ve definite got a want to try that OD pedal. So, who’s “your guy”, Billy, Joey or Jason? So, you left that Standard 22 there with Steve, right?
  15. DogPhishHead

    Standard 22 Satin w/Dragon II’s…what’s the consensus ?

    I’m in lust with a standard 22 with trem in Vintage Mahogany finish. I know zip about Dragon II pickups. My favorites are the 57/08 in my McCarty. Figuring out how to acquire this without the wife noticing
  16. DogPhishHead

    HDRX 20????

    Good Lord Bryan !!! That tone with the 594 was smooth and tasty !
  17. DogPhishHead

    Robben Ford Signature Release Date?

    Gotta say the new McCarty and the vintage Riviera sound the best. That tele is nails on a chalk board, imho.
  18. DogPhishHead

    Sad news to share. RIP Boogie

    My condolences to his family and friends. His smile just says “a kind” soul to me.
  19. DogPhishHead

    New Product Announcement? Any Speculations?

    Didn’t make it today to get the pedal, sorry gang. The wife had to do a wedding party of four’s hair styles and I got stuck with the grocery run.