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  1. FunkyFreeman

    New HDRX Amps

    Wondering how this new HDRX differ from recently-debuted HX amps? The HX seems to be replaced with HDRX on the website. Anyone has any insight of this sudden update? o_O
  2. FunkyFreeman

    Archon version 2 possibility?

    Hi. I'm looking at an Archon 50 head now. But something crosses my mind as this amp series has been around for nearly a decade without any significant model update. So I want to make sure that my coming purchase will be spent on a latest design. So does anyone hear about any possibility of new...
  3. FunkyFreeman

    Security check for entering PRS website

    Lately I was prompted to do pictures matching before entering PRS guitars official website due to new security checkup policy. It often took me several times to try matching up the photos, and this is very annoying. Sometimes I just gave up what I want to to see because of endless promptings. I...
  4. FunkyFreeman

    SE electric guitars now come equipped with graphite nuts?

    Just came across SE Mira page on Sweetwater and noticed it says 'Graphite composite' nut material. The nut in the picture looks very similar to graphite IMHO. I know SE electric guitars have been employed hard plastic nuts through 19 years of production line. But graphite? Never heard about this...
  5. FunkyFreeman

    US Lampshade knobs now fit newer SE?

    Hi all. I recently found something interesting. Some of my friends fitted PRS Lampshade knobs on their SE Customs. All four guitars are 2019 model and were made by both Indonesian and Korean plants. They told me those US knobs were retrofitted to their guitars - no mods were done! I think it’s...
  6. FunkyFreeman

    SE SVN (not Holcomb SVN) now discontinued?

    I just noticed that SE SVN (original version, not SE Holcomb SVN) has been disappeared from PRS official site. I remember that it was still there during early days SE Holcomb SVN was debuted. So, does this mean that SE Holcomb SVN has replaced SE SVN original?
  7. FunkyFreeman

    Any new SE acoustic coming in 2020?

    We've seen three 35th Ann. electric models revealed for 2020. SE Starla, SE Mira, even SE Holcomb 7 strings as well. But what about SE acoustic? Will there be any surprise? Trick or treat me!! I bought my SE T60 this year and think I can't be happier. Anyway, I'm hoping PRS proves me wrong soon...
  8. FunkyFreeman

    NGD - SE T60E - review, photos, and videos

    I’ve owned many PRSi but have never posted kinda NGD thread before so this is my first one. This is my SE Tonare T60E. It comes with solid sitka spruce top and laminated ziricote back and side. The guitar measures roughly 15.5” width at its waist and 11.5” around the shoulders. It has a...
  9. FunkyFreeman

    Tonal differences between core Stoptail and Paul's Guitar Stoptail - comparison video

    I've been wondering for a long while how much difference in tone between core Stoptail and Paul's Guitar Stoptail. Both are made from machined aluminium and are identical in shape, excepting that PG bridge has 6 small bars of brass press-fitted into the bridge where there should've been saddle...
  10. FunkyFreeman

    Replacement nut for SE SVN

    I tried putting on a Graphtech Black Tusq XL nut on my Paul Reed Smith SE SVN. The nut is compatible with Schecter 7 string guitars. I sanded it's buttom a bit just to let it fit the corner of fretboard end without filing nut slots. Once I string the guitar with a 9 set, I found that the nut is...
  11. FunkyFreeman

    SE SVN pups - amazing DCR values

    Hi guys, I've found sth interesting about SVN and think it should be shared to you all as this surprised me. As modding project of my SE SVN goes on, I happened to wonder how DCR value on these 85/15 'S' 7 String would be. I thought the reading would be kinda low-medium since these seem to be...
  12. FunkyFreeman

    Anyone seen David Gilmour played this PRS?

    My friend got this rare photo somewhere. It looks like Gilmour is playing a PRS guitar. I tried to Google this but couldn't see any related results. Anyone has seen this before? What concert? What PRS model? Thanks!
  13. FunkyFreeman

    New S2 with satin-finished colors

    Recently I see some S2 guitars in some US dealers; SweetWater and Moore with tasety SATIN and metallic finishes. But both dealers listed these S2 Singlecut specs differently - with #7 and 85/15S pups. But I believe the correct info should be #7. red satin metallic...
  14. FunkyFreeman

    Dragon prices?

    Hi everyone. I'm gathering info on PRS Dragons to put in my blog. After days of research it's almost done now, except for some missing pieces of puzzle. First, I can't find the MSRP of the Dragon II; I googled and read through for more than 4-5 pages, but surprisingly I couldn't find the...
  15. FunkyFreeman

    Finally, 30th Anniversary Custom with 85/15 - First official tone demonstration video

    Greetings from Thailand. I've been around in the forum for a while but never officially said hello. I'm sorry:redface:. After having been waited for days, here it finally comes. Although personally I would love to here the guitar without the band I would like to thank Simon for the tone...
  16. FunkyFreeman

    Where can I connect headphones in this rig?

    I've just got a 20th Singlecut: ...and doing research of what to be included in my rig. I found that the Orange Dark Terror/Jim Root Terror + Orange PPC112 cab + TC Flashback Delay + TC Hall of Fame Reverb. This setup seem perfect for me :rock: because I've been an Orange amp fan and...