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  1. rockinforJesus

    S2 knob loose after replacing pot - how to fix?

    I just replaced the volume pot on my S2 Starla with a quality PRS replacement. Everything went smoothly, works great now, but the lampshade knob won’t stay on. Guessing the S2 knob is metric, and the replacement pot is standard? Any ideas on how to get the knob to stay put? I already tried to...
  2. rockinforJesus


    Y’all are sleeping on this guitar if you haven’t checked them out. Rock ‘n Roll machine, they are.
  3. rockinforJesus

    S2 Starla volume pot scratchy

    Yep, just as the title reads… The inferior S2 overseas electronics are proving to be sub-standard. Just ordered a new volume pot from zZounds for $10 shipped Overall the S2 lineup is a great value… except the overseas components used to save a few bucks.
  4. rockinforJesus

    Attn. Core and S2 Series McCarty 594 model guitar owners…

    Quick favor to ask. Can you let me know what the center of bridge post-to-post measurement is? Looking to replace the bridge on my S2 Starla, and found this one on the PRS accessory website:
  5. rockinforJesus

    S2 electronics advice

    I have a 2014 S2 Starla that has a scratchy volume pot. From what I’ve been told, the S2’s and SE’s use import electronics. I am guessing these parts are sub-par when compared to Core instruments’ electronics. Here’s what I’m thinking… I have a hard time using the push/pull knob at times because...
  6. rockinforJesus

    Pedalboards, show me what u got

    Hey, I read lots about guitars on this forum, but don’t really read much about pedalboards here. Show me what you have. I’ll start, here’s mine:
  7. rockinforJesus

    NGD - Starla content

    Just traded my 2020 Satin Standard 22 for a 2014 S2 Starla. Man, this guitar seems to be a good fit for me. I need to do a proper setup on it. What is a good starting point for pickup heights? I prefer clarity over warmth. Other than that and a string change, it should be ready to rock out.
  8. rockinforJesus

    S2's: Studio, Vela, and Starla comparison

    I have a 2020 Standard 22 that is a fine guitar. Does everything well, but just not enough chime to it - I typically play Tele's, Gretsch, and Les Paul w/ P90's for reference. I am drawn to the clarity of vintage style pickups with low output, and the Standard 22's p'ups seem more PAF style...
  9. rockinforJesus

    S2 Standard 22 vs. S2 Studio

    I may have the chance to up-trade from my 2020 Standard 22 to a Studio and want to weigh it all out. What does one do better than the other? I really like the split coil sounds my Standard does, and really like the pickups in humbucker mode with high gain, but lower gain the humbuckers seem a...
  10. rockinforJesus

    S2 Tremolo set screw...

    Hi, (I'm new to this forum, and posted this but hadn't heard any responses yet, so bear with me if you already read this post ;)) I just recently purchased my first PRS, and couldn’t be happier… except for the fact that the set screw for the tremolo is missing. I contacted PRS and here is their...
  11. rockinforJesus

    S2 Tremolo arm set screw

    Hi, I just recently purchased my first PRS, and couldn’t be happier… except for the fact that the set screw for the tremolo is missing. I contacted PRS and here is their response “The tremolo screw size is M3 x 8mm x 1.5mm”. Does anyone here know where I can find a replacement set screw for the...