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  1. XiXora

    WOOD LIBRARY 594 RUN #3!

    I love your builds… Sometimes I am tempted to move to US to have one of your Rosewood neck builds.
  2. XiXora

    PRS Hollow Body ii with wenge neck and ebony fret board

    My basses and one of my "metal" guitars have wenge necks (with bubinga stripes) with ebony boards. They are lovely to hold. The neck isn't "smooth" it has a nice grip but isn't sticky like a lacquered neck can be. Similar to a rosewood in feel but with more grain. Quite textured.
  3. XiXora

    Bonnie and the Gang

    Looking cool those tops look great but… am I the only one expecting a pink guitar with the name of the thread? :P
  4. XiXora

    Private Stock Friday

    Is that multiscale offset too?
  5. XiXora

    NGD - DGT Artist Package with RW Neck

    Crackwood. I need another guitar like I need a hole in the head but you aren't helping me keeping my wallet in my pocket. What a lovely specimen!
  6. XiXora

    Good Looking 594 Artist in River Blue

    That is one tasty 594!
  7. XiXora

    sunshinewelly's custom 24

    Ooh I love a violet… looking forward to those pictures.
  8. XiXora

    I'll Tell You What Color Your Blue Guitar Wants To Be.

    Ok cool, sending to PTC ASAP!
  9. XiXora

    I'll Tell You What Color Your Blue Guitar Wants To Be.

    I'll play too… bare in mind my neck is blue too ;)
  10. XiXora

    How long to schedule a build?

    For the finished article. It was my little baby… my last Artist thanks to the falling Pound, I fear :'(
  11. XiXora

    How long to schedule a build?

    I waited 9 months for my Artist Package with IRW neck.
  12. XiXora

    PRS Model Survey

    I put my Custom 24-08 in Custom 24 too… I think this would be interesting with an expanded set of options.
  13. XiXora

    New Private Stock 6-string arrived...

    Very classy looking. I'm surprised you've not gone 513… did you fancy a change?
  14. XiXora

    Weird Color Names

    I've seen the first one called 'Bonnie Pink over Blue Matteo' too. Rather uninspired. I think I'll ask for bruise burst from now on.
  15. XiXora

    2017 line up!

    I've been waiting for someone to post this :p Death of the 513! There have been some 24-08's around… I wonder if the current trem can be replaced with the Gen III.
  16. XiXora

    NGD - 2016 Custom 24 Eriza Verde w/Ebony Fretboard

    Hurrah more Eriza Verde! HNGD.
  17. XiXora

    I want mini toggle switches...

    Oh, I agree! I'm hoping the CU24-08 becomes a regular model. I need me some crackwood.
  18. XiXora

    John Mann's Wood Library Run

    Damn you laws around Brazilian rosewood!
  19. XiXora

    Mr. Tremonti....what have you there?

    That explains the green screen picture, I guess… There seem to be couple of their artists with seven-string guitars now. I'm hoping for a Core model one day.
  20. XiXora

    New CE color question

    Everyone should be able to get Eriza Verde :D