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    Got this guy a while back

    1996 Pre-refine Parker Deluxe- MINTY condition. This was it's first EVER gig

    Wood Shortages and inventories

    Went into Dave's Guitars in LaCrosse, Wisconsin a couple of weeks ago and it was VERY evident that stock of new instruments (all makes) seems way down. One of the guys said they can't get Private stock and other guitars right now due to buyers not traveling to pick out wood. Anyone have a clue...

    XR 18 use with IEM's and Buss outs

    Removed- I figured it out- thanks You tube.

    Anyone ever play with or have a REVV D 20 amp?

    I have a H&K Grandmeister 36 which i love, but am thinking about another amp and while I was looking at PRS amps (not ruled out yet), I think this REVV D20 looks pretty cool- any thoughts?

    Are you a gigging musician? What Guitar do you trust?

    I thought this would be an interesting question. Personally, I've been gigging and doing studio work since 1989 in Seattle, Minneapolis and Los angeles. While it's not my "job" now, it was and relying on an axe was super important to me. My "go to" guitar- like the house is burning, what are you...

    Considering a PRS Amp- WHICH ONE??

    I am new to this forum, but a seasoned player with a wide variety of gear. my favorite 2 amps in regular rotation today are : Fender Deluxe ( real one- not a Hot Rod) for clean, bluesy stuff and a Hughes and Kettner Grandmeister 36 with 2, 1X12 Vintage 30 cabs for all things rock- I love them...