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  1. cboisits

    What are the PRS 509 pickups like?

    Hey guys. I'm in the market for a Core 10-top and I've been doing my research as to what is available to me, but one thing that isn't really advertised is the pickup output. I'm looking for a PRS with medium to high output pickups. Can anyone advise?
  2. cboisits

    How do pedals work?

    Hi guys. I find it fascinating that you plug into a pedal and all these wonderful sounds come out. How does a little green circuit board create this magic? Does anyone have a resource for me to learn how they work? I'd really appreciate it. I would love to build my own pedal one day.
  3. cboisits

    Can I get some guidance regarding upgrades?

    As usual, I can't leave well enough alone and I want to do some upgrades to my beautiful new CE24. Does anyone know which tuning machines come on the CE24? I want to upgrade those. I also want to upgrade the bridge to the Mannmade bridge. Anyone do that upgrade?
  4. cboisits

    Replacement tuning machines

    I just got a new CE24 and I want to get new tuning machines that are a direct replacement, locking, and have a high tuning ratio. Anyone have any recommendations?
  5. cboisits

    Replacing Chassis Straps

    Hello my fellow PRS friends. I bought a used Mesa Rectoverb 50 Series 2 and I want to replace the chassis straps because they show some wear and I want them to look shiny. What are chassis straps for? Are they easy to replace? I am thinking that the chassis straps hold the chassis suspended up...
  6. cboisits

    My reverb doesn't work on Rectoverb 50

    Along with my new PRS CE 24, I bought a used Mesa Rectoverb 50 and it just showed up. Sounds great, but the reverb doesn't work. What a buzzkill. I tried WITH the footswitch, AND without, but it doesn't work. What can it be? There doesn't appear to be any detached cables. I hope that it isn't...
  7. cboisits

    Hardshell case for CE 24

    I finally got my first PRS CE 24 and this beauty deserves a case. I am looking at the $200 black PRS case but has anyone experienced any fitment issues? I want this to fit like a glove. Anyone's input would be greatly appreciated.
  8. cboisits

    I need lessons from a good instructor

    Hey guys! I'm at a point in my life where I need to devote myself entirely to guitar and strive to become great. I never seem to make significant progress. I am a good guitar player but I feel like I am stuck in a rut. I know that there are plenty of online resources out there but I am wondering...
  9. cboisits

    Need help deciding......again.

    So I returned my CE24 that had unacceptable scratches. Back to the drawing board. Should I get an S2 McCarty Thinline.......... A regular McCarty.... Or do I get this CE24
  10. cboisits

    Got my new CE24! Beautiful, but................

    My very first PRS has a couple of scratches in the belly cut. When you buy a $2300 PRS CE24 Semi-Hollowbody guitar for $2300, I think it should be PERFECT and not have a single scratch. Am I being neurotic? Please tell me if I am being too OCD after looking at the pictures. Actually, :(
  11. cboisits

    Help me choose?????

    I am going to buy my first PRS. I can't afford the Core lineup so I am looking at either of these: -CE 24 Semi-Hollowbody or..... -PRS S2 Custom 24 PLEASE HELP ME DECIDE I don't know much about the differences between the two. Thank you so much, Christian